Hollywood actor-turned-podcaster Dax Shepard hasn't had even a little sip of alcohol for several years now. However, just because he has made continuous and rigorous efforts to add sobriety to his lifestyle, that doesn't mean he is going to stop his two daughters from experiencing certain types of drugs when they are of the proper age to do so. While chatting and exchanging stories with iconic actor Rob Lowe in the newest episode of his highly successful ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, the ‘Parenthood’ actor revealed to Lowe that he thinks he is a pretty chill and modern dad.

In an attempt to prove that he is an actual coming-of-age father, Shepard said to Lowe that he wouldn't freak out at all if he hears his two daughters talking about drugs in the coming future.

A few minutes into the podcast, Shepard brought up the topic of psychedelic drugs and magic mushrooms. Shepard made it absolutely clear that he is totally in favor of people using these sorts of drugs. He even said that he would not stop his daughters from doing psychedelic drugs, largely because he strongly believes that they are very helpful for creative people as it allows them to fully explore their inner creativity. He had cited various proven researches to justify why he is pro-psychedelics. But, it looks like despite being a self-proclaimed cool dad, he doesn't want his daughters to dabble in the usage of dangerous chemicals.

Dax Shepard's stance on using psychedelic drugs

While Lowe and Shepard were passionately discussing the effects of some specific drugs, Shepard said something that must have left many of his viewers in shock. He said that he would advise his two daughters to engage in shrooms, smoking, and drinking, however, he doesn't want them to do risky hard-drugs such as cocaine, opiates, etc.

He further said that if people don't try doing the unsafe hard-drugs, they can most likely continue using the psychedelics for their entire life. Recently, Rob Lowe's 25-year-old son, Johnny Lowe, who was struggling with alcohol addiction for quite some time, took to Instagram to celebrate being sober for almost two years now.

Johnny said in the Instagram post that he hasn't publicly spoken about his sobriety because it was something that he felt was highly personal to him, however, he has made a decision to change that. He says opening up about his sobriety was one of the toughest decisions he has made to date. He had also extended his love and support to all the addicts who are trying their best to recover and go back to their normal lives. The lengthy caption was accompanied by an old picture of Johnny's, in which he can clearly be seen drinking alcohol from a bottle with the tagline ‘life is short, blow it’ written all over it.

Shepard's controversial comments regarding psychedelic drugs came shortly after a mildly disturbing video of the actor went crazily viral on the internet.

In the brief video, Shepard can be seen conducting his own surgery amidst the self-quarantine by removing a massive needle from his arm. The surgery video was entirely filmed by his wife Kristen Bell, who was most recently seen in ‘The Good Place.’ He even jokingly said in the video that he is no longer going to need a doctor since he removed a huge needle from his arm without causing a tsunami of blood everywhere.

Rob Lowe's hotel room incident with Tom Cruise during the 80s

‘Parks and Recreation’ star Rob Lowe recently made the revelation that Tom Cruise went totally nuts when he found out that he is going to have to share a room with Lowe during the filming of the iconic crime drama ‘The Outsiders.’ Apart from Lowe and Cruise, the movie included a vast array of versatile actors such as Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, and the late Patrick Swayze.

Lowe spilled the beans about the hotel room incident during his recent appearance on Dax Shepard's ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast. He said that this incident had happened when the producers flew the entire cast of the movie to New York City to test the chemistry between them.

Lowe mentioned in the podcast that this was the very first time he was staying at the luxurious ‘Plaza Hotel’ in Manhattan, New York City. As soon as Lowe checked into the hotel, Tom Cruise realizes that he is sharing the room with Lowe and it made Cruise quite angry. Lowe confesses that he found the whole hotel room situation to be amusing. He had also stressed importance on the fact that even at such an early stage of his career, Cruise was so confident of his own abilities.

According to Lowe, one of the biggest reasons behind Tom Cruise's success is that he never tried to sugarcoat his personality to please anyone, which allowed him to stay true to himself at all times.