Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be one of the couples in the showbiz industry that fans admire the most but it was not always "rainbows and butterflies" for the two (PageSix). The actress revealed that he once dumped her over another woman.

Bell shared in her latest interview with PopSugar that during the time he dumped her for another woman, they were dating for three months and she said she “already knew that I was in love with him.” However, E! News reported that despite Bell feeling that Shepard is the man for her, he was not on the same page as she was because he was still dating other women at that time.

The “Bad Moms” actress recalled that Shepard talked to her and told her he is not down with the happily ever after idea yet although he thinks Bell is wonderful. She said that she then "fell to the ground," figuratively, when he dumped her but she felt “incredibly respected that he had the b*lls” to tell her they were not in the same place. In less than a week, however, Shepard called her and said he was a fool for saying what he told her. The actor added that he was dating another girl but she was not as interesting as Bell.

Actress reveals it still takes a lot of work to make their relationship work

Despite being married for years now, the two still have a lot of things to do to assure that their relationship works out.

She revealed that she still reminds Shepard about when he Broke her heart because of another girl, Today reported. The actress noted that they choose to be happy despite the problems they have encountered in the past because the only choice left is to be unhappy and that is not what they want.

Bell says marriage is really hard

Earlier this month when news broke that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have decided to end their marriage and go their separate ways, Bell gave her two cents worth over the issue saying that fans should no longer feel heartbroken over the news. Instead, they should look at the brighter side and say that Faris and Pratt have had many wonderful years together and that will not change just because they decided to split.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Bell said that the time spent apart between Hollywood couples could have had an effect on the split of Faris and Pratt because the movie industry really separates families for long periods of time.

She then said that if she and Shepard would divorce in the future, she would still look at her husband as a wonderful person she spent a lot of years with. She noted that she loves her husband and her marriage but it takes a lot of work. For instance, whenever they argue, they would rather call it a disagreement instead of an argument. They also go to couples’ therapy to assure that they talk to each other with respect.

The couple got married in October 2013 and has two children together, Lincoln, 4, and Delta Bell, 2.