Kristen Bell has recently come forward to talk about her marriage to Dax Shepard and has stated that she and her husband work very hard to keep their marriage together. She has shared how the couple handles conflict in front of their children and talked openly about how she and Dax try to go to weekly couples counseling.

The actor talks candidly at how the couple handle conflicts in their relationship

According to Hello Giggles, Kristen Bell has opened up about how she and her husband Dax Shepard handle conflict in their marriage. Bell has stated that they attention weekly couples therapy to keep the communication in their marriage strong and has revealed that it takes a lot of work to maintain their relationship.

She stated that like every other couple, her and Dax Shepard get into arguments and fights but they have a deal, where they will resolve their argument in front of their children. They stated that while most kids will occasionally see their parents fight that they rarely see them making up again. Kristen and Dax try to make this part of their arguments very visible so that their children will learn good communication skills from a young age.

In a report by Refinery 20, Kristen stated that the next morning after their argument she would say something like she was sorry for being angry with Dad when you were bringing in the groceries and that she could have talked more nicely to him. Kristen then stated that Dax would then reply saying something along the lines of thank you for saying that Mom, I know that you were stressed.

Kristen also added that they do not wake up and leave things in the air and that they will often have already resolved the issue and then prepare a script to say in front of the kids. They feel that this is a very important thing to teach their children.

Kristen stated that there is a lot of disagreement in their relationship

According to Page Six, Kristen Bell has admitted that she had Dax Shepard have a lot of disagreement in their relationship and has stated that they disagree about ninety percent of the time. She stated that the couple has wonderful and intense relationships with one another and always try to see things from the other person’s view.

Kristen Bell has also stated that one of the major things that keep her and Dax together is the humor that he brings to their relationship. She has claimed that her husband makes her laugh every day and that she loves him for bringing such a lightness to their relationship.

Dax Shepard has not commented on the pair's relationship but has said in the past that he and Kristen actively work towards keeping their marriage working.