"The Good Place" is one of the latest hit series on Netflix that has taken binge-watching users by storm and is one of the greatest shows for provoking thought and discussion about what comes after we pop our clogs.

No matter your religion, the majority of us are going to be wondering what lies beyond life itself - the age old question of "what is the Meaning Of Life?" may come to mind and it's the unknown that makes it mind-blowing (like the thought that space is never-ending, but how can something never end?!)

What questions did you have after watching hit series 'The Good Place'?

I'll be honest in saying I sure did and will be sharing those questions with you all today;

  • If there is such thing as an afterlife - where would I end up based on my life decisions so far? Would I be considered worthy enough of ending up in The Good Place or does the fact that I admit to enjoying a little bit of the "Red Hot Chilli Peppers" mean I'm destined for an afterlife full of torturous demons that would make me watch endless episodes of "Dragon Ball Z/Super" whatever other spin-off they've created off the back of these shows in The Bad Place?
  • Would we be as accepting of where we are when someone tells us we've died and gone to the Good/ Bad Place?
  • Is Doug Forcett, the Canadian kid that got high on mushrooms, guessing 92 percent of the afterlife correctly really exist? (from what I could find online, he is indeed a real person). And if so, was his theory the entire basis of the show?
  • We don't know too much about the Good Place at the moment, so is it all run by angels (as we're well aware that The Bad Place is run by demons), or is there a "God" running the show with the support of angels?
  • How does someone become a demon or an angel? Were they mere mortals on earth before heading on over to the afterlife? SOo many questions!
  • Has Kristen Bell been cast in this as she is in true fact the real "Gossip Girl" (in the series) and not just a voice over for the epic teenage drama?
  • If there is a god, is it a man or a woman? Or are they gender fluid/ non-binary? This could lead on to further questions such as; what race are they? What are their interests?
  • If there is such thing as soul mates, do we have separate soul mates on earth to The Good Place, or do we have one single soul mate we reunite with in the Good Place when the other passes over?
  • Can we all have a Janet to aid us in our time of need?

'The Good Place' - making you wonder about the meaning of life

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