Erin Krakow has had a whirlwind week between the US and Canada, where “When Calls the Heart” makes its production home. The warm and friendly star made dreams come true for many fans on Sunday, November 10 at ChristmasCon in New Jersey. She was even willing to strike the perfect “Charlie's Angels” pose to create a fun, forever memory.

Before leaving for her day of meeting and greeting many other Hallmark and “When Calls the Heart” castmates, Erin Krakow was in a poetic mood and promoting healthy snacks, too. She shared sweet and stringy photos of herself as Elizabeth Thornton alongside Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard, taking a break for a bite.

The grilled cheese sandwich was perfect for two and inspired Erin so much that she wrote a birthday limerick about the encounter.

Over the past 24 hours, however, Erin Krakow's followers have been buzzing with delight about the lovely brunette's baking skill and lively spirit in the Hallmark Drama’s “Christmas Cookie Matchup,” which premiered Wednesday, November 13. Erin wasn't alone. She was assisting her very capable and kind contestant in the competition, JC, and she was joined by “When Calls the Heart” co-stars, Jack Wagner (as host), Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Paul Greene, and Andrea Brooks.

Hope Valley’s finest came out in force and the flour was flying. In a competition kitchen, on set, or in an expo center filled with people, Erin Krakow knows how to make lasting friends.

Never too cheesy

Many episodes of “When Calls the Heart” open with Elizabeth Thornton writing and reflecting from her journal about the people, the lives and the strength of Hope Valley as a community. Erin Krakow’s character has a way with words, and so does the actress herself.

“There once was a guy called McNally/Who spiced up the town of Hope Valley/He knew he would please/When he shared his grilled cheese/And danced in last season's finale!”

Krakow’s whimsical rhyme was the perfect caption to the co-stars’ fun with the favorite sandwich, but she was not about to give away any “When Calls the Heart” script secrets regarding Elizabeth's romantic future.

Even the cast is split between Team Nathan and Team Lucas.

When it comes to her loyal fans, it only takes a moment for Erin Krakow to melt any nerves and make every person she meets feel like an old friend. Young, young at heart, or in-between, she gave early Christmas gifts of lifetime memories through her day at ChristmasCon.

The talented star never claimed to be anything close to a chef, though, and she's not above talking to eggs, or mixers, to make sure that things whip together in success for her partner.

Kindness is the main ingredient

Elizabeth has come a long way with her culinary skills on “When Calls the Heart.” The biggest issue with her last dinner party was whether the entrée was chicken or pork. No one conveyed that it wasn’t delicious.

As Lucas expressed to Elizabeth, goodness is her shining quality, and the same spirit came through to her partner in the baking competition.

“Erin Krakow… She's phenomenal. Kindest person I’ve met in a long, long time,” related Krakow’s contender in the kitchen. “I couldn't have asked for a better assistant.”

Fans and followers were happy to share Krakow’s baking competition debut, complete with loving nudges to eggs to “go for a swimmy” in the mixer.

There will be four more parts in the baking competition, which culminates with a $25,000 award prize. Sharing the rolling pin with a star who makes TV-watching tasty is a bonus for “Christmas Cookie Matchup,” and the original competition show for Hallmark Drama seems to have been fun for all.

Two more viewing gifts with Erin Krakow await this holiday season. “Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen” premieres November 30 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas” premieres Christmas night in the annual tradition of the family-friendly drama. Fans can expect the Season 7 premiere sometime in February, per past seasons.

It has been five years since Erin Krakow was in “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” on the Hallmark Channel. Now, “When Calls the Heart” and her devoted fans find her at work in a real kitchen, still mixing in kindness and the sparkle of a smile.