Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme want to marry as soon as possible. But there is one obstacle standing in the way of their "90 Day Fiance" happily-ever-after: Umar’s mother. The "Before the 90 Days" stars did not get the approval they were hoping for during Hamme’s first meeting with Umar’s mother. This was despite the fact that she made a lot of preparations in order to make a good impression. According to ET, she even wore traditional attire and brought a goat as a gift for his family.

With her return date to America nearing, Hamme is getting desperate.

Umar suggested that it might be a good idea for her to visit the mosque with his mom, who is a devout Muslim. Viewers will have to see if this strategy will yield a good result for the "Before the 90 Days" couple. Meanwhile, being Christian is turning out to be a negative point for Lisa to marry Usman, who already told Lisa about his mother's belief. However, Lisa has the option to convert into Islam. Fans now have to wait for the American's decision.

Lisa Hamme, Usman Umar fight over his career

Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar have had multiple fights during past "90 Day Fiance" episodes. Most of their arguments were about how the Pennsylvania resident wants to have a louder voice in the management of Umar’s career.

In a past "Before the 90 Days" episode, Hamme complained about the way Umar interacts with his fans. The Nigerian celebrity, also called SojaBoy, has a lot of female fans and she was not comfortable with it.

He shot back, telling her that it seemed to him that he could never do anything right in her eyes. In a confessional, he admitted that he was starting to wonder whether a green card was worth marrying the American woman over.

Hamme also previously told Umar that he should edit out a female model that was part of a music video he shot. According to her, she did not want any reason to be jealous of any girl. The demand got a lot of resistance from Umar’s management team. He ended up releasing the unedited version of the music video last month, just weeks into the current "Before the 90 Days" season.

Hamme feuds with Ed Brown on social media

In other "90 Day Fiance" news, Lisa Hamme took some time off her busy schedule to call out co-star Ed Brown. This was after Big Ed said that he was the biggest star to come from the TLC reality franchise. Hamme said that Ed Brown should display more humility as someone who is pretty new to the franchise. She also said that much of the credit for the stardom the cast members experience should go to the fans and to the production crew.

Former "90 Day Fiance" cast members Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Tim Malcolm also weighed in on the divisive Ed Brown statement. Both of them agreed that Ed Brown should be more grounded when it comes to talking about his popularity on the show.

Tim Malcolm reminded Big Ed that he has not even reached 100,000 followers on Instagram yet. On the other hand, Larissa Dos Santos Lima reflected how the fame that comes with reality television can easily fade.