Elvis Presley's death news remains to be a popular subject among Elvis fans across the world. It has been 43-years on August 16 since the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was reported to have died at the age of 42. Since Elvis' death, one topic that has been a big one, the public release date of his death certificate according to Hollywood News Daily.

Despite the more than four decades that have past one topic has remained a steady topic of interest when it comes to Elvis Presley, the details that surround his alleged death.

Elvis Presley fans hold on to hope

The word alleged has been used based on the fact that there are still millions of Presley's fans that debate daily the details surrounding his sudden death, claiming that Elvis is still alive according to FaceBook's Elvis Is Alive!

The group members of more than 5000 members dedicate themselves to hunting down detail after detail providing their researched data which they claim reveals complete and honest information that reveals Elvis [VIDEO] is alive. The group's many recent discussions reveal that the majority believe there was something very off about the details of Elvis' death and the events that took place hours before and after the singer was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Some conspiracists have continued to claim that Elvis faked his own death in order to disappear and live anonymously until he decides the time is right to resurface to the public and his fans.

FaceBook group members believe Elvis Presley may have faked his death

It is allegedly believed that just before Presley's death a black helicopter that landed in Graceland hours before his body was uncovered.

Some fans remain adamant that the star was picked up and flown to Bermuda, where he lay low when he became tired of fame. Another interesting fact that has been found concerns Presley's death certificate.

The official document has yet to be released publicly. The document is being kept under wraps under Tennessee law.

The law states that Elvis' death certificate will be kept private for 50 years after Elvis' death and will, therefore, be made public in 2027.

According to Preslaw.info, there was also another strange fact discovered pertaining to the document. Presley's death certificate was not officially signed until October of 1977, two months after the singer's death.

Conspiracy tales surrounding Elvis Presley continue to emerge

FaceBook group members also believe Elvis Presley is still alive based on a claim that a one million dollar life insurance policy on Presley remains unfiled all of these years later. They have determined that based on the policy status Elvis Presley is still alive and the policy could not be cashed out without the beneficiary potentially facing insurance fraud charges.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you believe that Elvis Presley is still alive, or at least did not die as reported on August 16, 1977, or is this just the hopeless wishes of thousands of fans who refuse to let go?