In a typical spring, Marcus Mumford would be front and center with Mumford & Sons thrilling an arena-sized audience with the band's catalog of songs. He and his bandmates would be hearing every lyric from the songs of “Sigh No More” to “Babel” through to “Delta” sung right back to them, with a solid “Wilder Mind” block worked into the set, too. Diplo would be sparking festival fans and dance parties from now to the fall with his energy and electronica beats with Major Lazer.

The spring of 2020 is anything but typical, as the entire world confronts the coronavirus pandemic with the best tools they have, while the virus still takes lives.

The effects of self-quarantining and sheltering in place are starting to “flatten the curve,” but rates of illness and death are still up and down, as some points on the globe have yet to peak.

Marcus Mumford wrote the song “Lay Your Head on Me” a year ago, with very different plans pending. The folk-rock master has always thrived on collaboration, from the uplifting songs with Senegalese artist Baaba Maal to being part of the New Basement Tapes. He also thrives on exploring sonic space, so it's no wonder why Diplo and Major Lazer may have come to mind.

Seemingly in an instant, the world lost all concept of being “typical,” and what was normal in January, or last Christmas, may never return in the same form again.

Like everyone else, Marcus Mumford is not making music in front of a raucous and ready to sing audience, but he is making music in his studio, and his voice sounds the best it's ever been. Diplo is not leading the dance music trio, Major Lazer, from a stage, either, but he, too, is lifting spirits virtually.

The time wasn't right for the song that was the original “Lay Your Head on Me.” Marcus Mumford and Diplo persistently worked on a complete re-tweaking of the song and literally invited the world to become part of a new video.

Timing is everything, and the newly unveiled “Lay Your Head on Me” could not be more apropos in this time of crisis.

The collaborators talked about the metamorphosis of the song with Anthony Mason on “CBS This Morning” on April 22. “To everything, there is a season” and there is a “purpose under heaven” for every divine project, per the Scriptures.

Music is a perfectly divine gift, and the timing for this project from Marcus Mumford and Major Lazer could not be more perfect.

Marcus Mumford and Major Lazer welcome the world to ‘Lay Your Head on Me’

There were two versions of the “Lay Your Head on Me” video. Both renderings are profoundly moving and cathartic. One is a “stripped” version in the home studio of Marcus Mumford, whose deep, textured tones only add more pathos to the meaning. The black-and-white version contrasts with the lively, bubbly beats and spirit of the full-color version, featuring literally every form of art and humanity represented in its montage.

There is a Navy veteran from Florida, playing drums with her infant son, right along with a Michigan senior citizen doing the same.

The virtuosos on every type of instrument, from every culture, color the inclusion echoing from the frames. There is even a man who plays his oven door. Dancers a very gender and dress glide before the eyes. Hope is a recurrent theme for Marcus Mumford, whether writing solo or with his folk-rock foursome.

Not every contender in morning TV Shows can brighten breakfast to the same degree as “CBS This Morning” managed to do today.

The message got better for Marcus Mumford and Major Lazer

Despite writing this song a year ago, Diplo described how “we re-worked it about 10 different times, and it just got better and better. I think it's about just showing someone support when you can,” offers Diplo. “For me, it's a celebration of the human spirit,” Marcus Mumford chimes in quickly.

Mrs. Mumford, the acclaimed actress Carey Mulligan, was the camera operator for her husband, who admittedly was the reason anytime she lost a shot.

“We came across the same issues has with zoom meetings-- barking dogs and crying children,” confesses daddy Marcus Mumford. He got a good scolding from his little ones about sitting on the kitchen cutting board, barefoot no less.

The homespun quality of the video only makes it more of a treasured keepsake for the times. Every frame has its own little stars in the making besides those in the main focus.

Staying hard at work and hopeful works for Marcus Mumford and Diplo

Marcus Mumford thought it would be a great idea to put in a home studio, and now, he's not so sure, but the convenience of getting to a recording console keeps him busy all the time.

“I'm working all the time,” affirms the musician, no doubt making fans very happy over the prospect of new music very soon.

Diplo has a different dilemma with Major Lazer. There are no gigs at dance clubs, and all the huge festivals are canceled. Bars are shuttered. “I like to pretend I still have a job,” the famous DJ laments. He is not drowning himself in pity, but instead, doing virtual dance parties every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's his way of giving back, and not letting folks forget about dancing and fun.

The repetitive title of “Lay Your Head on Me’ summons immense healing, and so does the reminder that “This too shall pass” embedded between the verses. Perhaps Marcus Mumford placed the most powerful lines towards the end of the song.

“It’s OK, it's alright… Someday we will be fine/Staring down the long night/Waiting for the sunrise” speak the lyrics.

May the truth and comfort of music, and the souls of all who make it, endure for all time.