Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar surprised everyone when they both posted that Umar is sick. The "90 Day Fiance" stars asked for their fans’ prayers for him to get better as soon as possible. The two personalities, who are on the current season of "Before the 90 Days," received messages of concerns from fans. The lack of information in their posts, however, led to people thinking he could be suffering from COVID-19, reports Newsweek.

It looks like Lisa Hamme does not actually know much about Usman’s current situation. She said that she had to rely on his friends to give her updates about Usman, reports Newsweek.

However, she said that he did not suffer from COVID-19. She criticized some social media users and bloggers for implying that Usman had the coronavirus. As if to stop the rumors, he also posted an Instagram story stating that he was already feeling a lot better.

Lisa Hamme on investigating whether Usman Umar is a playboy

In other "90 Day Fiance" news, Lisa Hamme opened up, recently, saying that she suspected Usman Umar was a playboy. She shared the “tests” that she put him through to check if he is the womanizing type of man. She had to check to see if she was actually talking to a person. She did not want to be catfished, so she asked for a picture and his Facebook page. After checking online, she decided to add him but he already had the maximum number of friends allowed for the account.

He unfriended several contacts just to add her to the platform, which impressed her.

She also talked about how they first met each other online. According to her, a mutual friend introduced them to one another on social media. At first, she did not take him seriously because he seemed like a “yahoo boy” (Nigerian slang for scammer/playboy).

She also said that Usman was the more aggressive one during their first days of chatting online. She eventually gave in after finding him charming.

Lisa struggles with Usman’s mother in '90 Day Fiance'

Meanwhile, Lisa Hamme gets desperate in the latest "90 Day Fiance" episode. Usman Umar's mother still refused to give them her blessing despite their huge effort to impress her.

In Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" installment, Lisa tried to appease Usman’s mother by going to the mosque with her. Usman’s mother is a devout Muslim woman and the couple thought that she would see reason if Lisa exerted effort.

However, his mother insisted that she did not want her son to marry an older, white American. She prefers Usman to marry a young Muslim woman from their hometown instead. The mosque incident comes after the disastrous first meeting between Lisa and Usman’s family. She did everything she can to impress them, wearing a set of traditional clothes. She even brought a goat as a gift for his mother. But when they started talking about Usman’s plan to move to America, his mother walked out. It turns out she had a negative impression of Lisa ever since she first heard of their relationship.