David Murphy really wants to finally see Lana in the flesh but he is starting to get impatient on "90 Day Fiance." According to ET, despite the fact that Lana did not show up when they agreed to meet up at the train station, David still wanted to see her. He then drove to Pavlohrad, the town where Lana supposedly lives. He did so even though his friends opposed the idea.

It was an eight-hour drive to the town. By the time he reached the town, he was already exhausted.

Without Lana knowing, he started showing her picture around town to see if anyone knows her. However, not one person said that they have met the person in the picture. But then, Lana sent him a message. She set up to meet with David in a local restaurant. According to her, she wanted to discuss the process of getting a K-1 visa with him so she could move to the United States soon, reports ET.

Excited about finally seeing her, David brought flowers with him. He waited for two hours, hoping that she would keep her promise. Unfortunately, Lana ghosted him again. This is now the fifth time that the Ukrainian woman ha stood him up.

David, however, is not one to give up easily. He decided to go to the address that Lana once gave him. However, that was when the "Before the 90 Days" episode ended in a cliffhanger. Meanwhile, fans showed their anger on social media over David following a person who doesn't seem to even exist. The viewers called David too naive to understand reality.

Is Lana catfishing David Murphy?

David Murphy signed on with "90 Day Fiance," hoping to finally meet up with Lana. They have been in an online relationship for seven years now but they have never seen each other in person. There is a high chance that Lana is indeed catfishing the 60-year-old American man.

The refusal to meet with David raises many red flags. It seems that many "Before the 90 Days" fans think Lana is only catfishing David. There is a good chance that she is not even Russian.

David on his dating habits

David Murphy recently shed light on his dating habits in an Instagram Q&A. The "90 Day Fiance" star admitted that he has extensive experience in the dating department. He explained that he has only exclusively dated Ukrainian women in the past decade. According to him, he has already gone on dates with more than 100 women in the country. He even bragged that he had already turned down a lot of marriage proposals from the Ukrainian women he had dated.

David also confessed that he spends a lot of money dating women in Ukraine.

But he also clarified that dating American women can be just as expensive. He explained that his introduction to a dating website stoked his interest in Ukrainian women. He said he used to also date Russian women. But, because of stricter visa policies, he focused on Ukraine instead.

David, Lana on '90 Day Fiance'

Outside of "90 Day Fiance," it actually looks like David has a good career. He is a computer programmer based in Las Vegas who has enough money to travel wherever he wants. On the other hand, not much is known about Lana apart from what David knows.