Larissa Dos Santos Lima is not going to let ex-husband Colt Johnson off the hook. The "90 Day Fiance" starlet believed that her co-star said a few inaccurate claims about their divorce. She responded by uploading a photo of her and new boyfriend, Eric Nichols, on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote that she left Colt because she wanted to do it all over again and “rebuild” her life, reports In Touch Weekly.

Larissa also said that there is no truth to Colt’s claims that she wanted to reach out to him. According to her, she has been in a relationship with Nichols for 14 months now.

Additionally, she objected to Colt’s statement that the stress during their marriage caused his weight gain. She reminded him that she encouraged him to work out regularly when they were still together. Larissa’s statements are a response to Colt’s clips from the teaser of a new spin-off. The new show will air next month and will be called "90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined"

Larissa Dos Santos Lima finally able to work

In related news, Larissa Dos Santos Lima celebrated a milestone achievement in her life. According to the "90 Day Fiance" star, she finally obtained the permits needed for her to work in America. The reality show personality waited long for her permits to be approved. According to her, some viewers of the show attempted to sabotage the approval of her permits.

The good thing is the employees at the IRS and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services did not listen to them.

Colt Johnson reveals quarantine activities with his mom

Meanwhile, Colt Johnson recently talked about what he and his mom have been doing during the quarantine. Unfortunately, not everything is going well with the former "90 Day Fiance" cast member.

Colt uploaded several videos on his Instagram to document their lives while on quarantine. The clips showed how he has been working out and cleaning the house. He also cooked the food he and his mother, Debbie Johnson, eats every day.

Colt also found out that he got fired during the quarantine. He is worried about their future because he has little savings left in his bank account.

The declining health of Debbie Johnson is also starting to concern him. While it took him a while to decide, he eventually told Debbie Johnson about the fact that he lost his job.

Dos Santos Lima, Johnson post- '90 Day Fiance'

Things went bad between Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson not long after their "90 Day Fiance" stint. After their marriage, the couple struggled to maintain peace in their relationship. One of the main sources of their arguments is Larissa's huge demands on their lifestyle.

Their fights also turned physical, eventually resulting in the arrest of Larissa. Colt Johnson filed several cases of domestic violence against her for allegedly assaulting him. Colt eventually divorced Larissa after their 10-month marriage. Larissa recently reflected on her marriage, opening up about its impact on her mental health. She also regretted how Colt's mother, Debbie Johnson, got dragged into their mess.