Kailyn Lowry is fed up with all the hate she has been receiving daily on social media. Lowry claims that every day she is receiving a massive amount of nasty comments on every aspect of her life, Popculture reports. She is putting an end to it. Lowry has changed the settings on her Twitter account to private to avoid being slammed by her followers. InTouch Weekly reports. You can still read her posts but you cannot actually embed them. It's easy enough to browse her profile under 'tweets and replies' to see what the tabloids quoted.

Enough is enough claims Kailyn Lowry

The final straw for Kailyn Lowry came after the "Teen Mom 2" posted about eating fish during her fourth pregnancy. Kail admits that she just "needs to take a step back." Since Lowry announced she was pregnant with her fourth child she reveals she has been bombarded with a crazy amount of hate. Lowry admits that she is aware that a certain amount of attention comes with the territory of being in the public eye, but as of late it has been overwhelming.

Kailyn Lowry puts a stop to online bashing

As previously reported by Blasting News Kailyn and "Teen Mom 2" co-star Briana DeJesus recently reignited their ongoing feud after DeJesus made some nasty comments on Kailyn's social media page over a maternity photo Kailyn shared.

Never one to back down from a nasty comment in the past Kailyn feels it is just time to let go of some of the stress at this time. Recently Kailyn responded to one commenter's nasty remarks stating, “When you’re done talking s—t about me — pray for me to be as perfect as you are.”

Lowry adds that she can now focus on her family, her health and happiness instead of addressing all the negativity around the clock on social media.

In taking the step to weed out some of the negative attention on Twitter may seem like a good move for the mother of three, it will not stop some of the other issues she will be facing in the near future.

Chris Lopez to release a tell-all documentary about his relationship with Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn will soon be facing some major backlash brought on by her ex Chris Lopez.

As previously reported Lopez revealed he would soon be releasing a documentary to reveal his story about where he stands with his relationship with the reality star. Lopez claims by releasing the documentary it will give people a chance to fairly judge him and not just on Lowry's side of things.

Kailyn Lowry recently responded to the news of Chris Lopez's upcoming tell-all documentary saying, That at the time she is not legally permitted to discuss this subject, however, once she is in the position to do so and offer advice to others she will. At this time though, Kailyn claims she has no contact with Chris Lopez. She reveals that she is well aware that this is not "an ideal situation" for all involved.

But, in the end, she claims she wishes for Chris to "make peace with his choices and find the motivation to be successful in life.”

Lowry wrapped up her thoughts on Chris Lopez adding that she hopes he "puts this much effort into having a relationship with our children." Kailyn Lowry claims she hopes one day they will be in the position to co-parent their children in a peaceful and agreeable way that works for all involved.