Elvis Presley is remembered and adored by pretty much everyone who ever came in close personal contact with the legendary singer. As often as the late King of Rock and Roll loved to pull off a good joke or prank on those he cared about he was also joked about by those who loved him in return. Express reports on a rare and unearthed video of one of Elvis' closest pals in the early days Johnny Cash poking some good-hearted fun at Presley in the 1960s.

While many fans have viewed the old video footage and reminisced about the old days when Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash first got their music starts, they also recall how the two soon to become legends enjoyed laughing and joking amongst each other to break up some of the hard grueling and somewhat torturous hours spent on the road traveling from city to city.

Johnny Cash pokes fun at Elvis with good-hearted impersonation while on the road in the 60s

The all-in-fun black and white video reveals Johnny Cash at one of his concerts having fun with his fans while doing his impersonation of his beloved friend Elvis Presley. Cash tells the crowd at most of their shows they do an impersonation of someone else, and that tonight's impersonation request was for him to impersonate a rock and roll singer.

Cash laughed with fans and stated, “This is an impersonation of a rock and roll singer impersonating Elvis, is what this really is,” he teases. Johnny then goes into a great detailed spoof of restyling his hair to resemble Elvis's look. He flips his collar up and begins wiggling and moving, making light of Presley's once banned dance moves.

Elvis Presley enjoyed a good joke even at his expense

He next begins playing and singing the beginning lyrics to Presley's chart-topping hit "Heartbreak Hotel." The crowd begins to laugh and applaud at Cash's attempt to impersonate Elvis. Comments left by fans over the video have for the most part been light-hearted, while others felt Johnny Cash was being a bit mean-spirited.

Just a big kid at heart

However, dedicated Elvis Presley fans well know that if there was one thing Presley loved doing in his life it was being a constant prankster and a jokester. He loved a good joke and has been described by many of those who knew him best as having the heart of a child. It was often reported during Elvis' life how he would rent out an entire amusement park for himself and his entourage, families and close friends and spend hours running about and enjoying himself.

This is something Elvis had to do often to enjoy himself as his fame became increasingly monumental throughout his career. There is even a blog dedicated to sharing some of the best and fondly remembered jokes and pranks shared by those who knew and spent the most time with the King. The stories shared are shared with love for Elvis Presley and his unique sense of humor and kind heart for fans to enjoy and to bring a smile to faces of all who adored him.