Big Ed is finally seeing some red flags in his relationship with Rosemarie. The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member thought that his fiancé exhibited questionable actions during his visit to the Philippines. In last week’s episode of the reality series, Big Ed started doubting whether Rosemarie’s love for him is genuine. A part of him thinks that she may only be in for the money and the opportunity to go to the United States.

The 54-year old professional photographer came to the realization when he took Rosemarie to buy pajamas. He let her choose the items she wanted to purchase.

But when it was already time for them to pay, the 23-year old Filipino grabbed his wallet and got money from it. She even gave out tips to the vendors, which is not a common practice in the Philippines.

Earlier in the episode, he also got surprised when Maria, Rosemarie’s sister, approached him. She bluntly asked him for money but specifically told her to keep the request a secret from her sister. The questionable instances so far in his Philippine visit made him think that Rosemarie could be scamming him. But since he loves her, he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Big Ed and Rosemarie facing challenges

Big Ed got recently asked about his relationship with Rosemarie. He was asked to comment about the massive 31-year old age gap between the two of them.

He said that they both discussed their age gap the moment they started talking on social media. He explained that it was fortunate that it seemed like she did not mind how old he was in comparison to her. According to him, her feelings matter the most when it comes to love.

Ed’s plans, however, received strong resistance from his daughter.

He had 29-year old Tiffany from his relationship with his first wife. Tiffany did not like that he is in a relationship with a person he has not met yet. Thankfully, they were able to talk it out before he left for the Philippines. Big Ed and Rosemarie are not exactly the most loved pairing on the "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" Season 4.

Ed, for example, received a lot of criticism for the way he lied to Rosemarie about some things in his life. First, he was not honest with her about the fact that he stands at 4’11”. Instead, he told the young Filipina that his height is 5’2”.

Additionally, he also withheld his intention to undergo a vasectomy procedure. This involves suppressing a man’s reproductive functions, which means he can no longer impregnate a woman. This can prove to be a problem for the couple because Rosemarie wants to have a child with him. Rosemarie, on the other hand, inspires a divisive response among the reality show’s fans. Avid viewers of the franchise raise their eyebrows at her interest in Big Ed, who they think is not conventionally attractive.