The Venezuelan-based singers have returned after parting ways. After a couple of years of pursuing solo projects, Chino and Nacho worked on a brand new song titled "Raro", and the clip reveals themes connected to acceptance and love.

The video shows the singes saluting each other with a handshake followed by a hug. A couple of seconds later, Nacho utters the phrases "Chino Y Nacho is Back!" and "Tu duo favorito Baby." This basically captures the excitement that many fans had been waiting after their temporary split.

The loyal fan base of these two singers had been buzzing for a while about getting these two back together.

Lots of Viral Stories and the hashtag #quevuelvachynoynacho (return Chino and Nacho) can be partly responsible for this wonderful event.

At the time of writing about the release of the song, it has 3,878,405 views. It will be interesting to see how many more views it amasses three months from now.

Chino and Nacho share their sentiments about the reunion

According to a report by Billboard, Nacho said it was a pleasure to be back recording music again with Chino after so many years navigating separate journeys and going through struggles. In addition, he added this reunification brings them back to their roots and musical essence.

Chino went on to explain that in spite of several years pursuing other musical ventures their chemistry stayed intact.

He echoed the same feeling of not having lost their essence. Both have made it their common goal to solidify their legacy.

In a separate report by Popsugar, Chino and Nacho recorded "Raro" (which can mean strange or weird); the song goes back to their musical essence. This style of melody and lyrics is what catapulted them into international success in the first place.

The last time Chino and Nacho recorded a song together was "Andas En Mi Cabeza", which means "You Are In My Head." They collaborated with Puerto Rican superstar Daddy Yankee.

Chino and Nacho's origins

Chino, known as Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, and Nacho, Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti, were not always a duo. Previously, they had been part of a Venezuelan boy band called Calle Ciega (translated literally to the blind street).

Calle Ciega gained international stardom when they released "Cachorrita" (from the album Una Vez Más (one more time) in 2005.

The group's musical beat and rhythm consisted of salsa and merengue. The band overtime began to fuse salsa, merengue, and reggaeton rhythms. Reggaeton was initially a rhythm that protested the social injustice throughout Latin America in the early 2000s. However, today reggaeton is one of the most popular categories of music that has taken the world by storm.

What is Chino and Nacho's 'Raro' song mean?

This tropically-infused and urban-pop sound is familiar territory for the dynamic duo. The song's theme is about acceptance and how love can be misunderstood.

For instance, one of the many couples featured in the video knocks on a door to presumably meet the parents there's apprehension.

The boyfriend introducing his Muslim partner to his Jewish family is met with confusion.

Nevertheless, at the end of the video, the family comes together to celebrate their union. These happy endings and overcoming differences are themes Chino and Nacho have advocated for in previous songs. The positive narratives within their music is what has made them unique and different.