Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, a "90 Day Fiancé" couple, have been known to have a fluctuating relationship. Ashley, mom of two from Pennsylvania, and her much younger Jamaican boyfriend, Jay, have dealt with infidelity, a breakup, and legal troubles.

The "90 Day Fiancé" couple ended their relationship in the fall of 2019 after divorce filings. Jay posted a Q&A on March 24. When one of his followers asked him if he was fighting to save their marriage. He replied, saying that they've been fighting from day one.

The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member said that he was not sure he would be returning to the show with Ashley but if he was, he had more understanding.

Jay must have changed his mind because he had earlier said that he regretted airing on the show and it was Ashley's idea.

Ashley and Jay are getting close

A lot of viewers believe that the "90 Day Fiancé" duo are back together. According to Intouch Weekly, the mom of two shared a video on her story of Jay cooking in the kitchen. Jay also posted a series of a throwback with Ashley.

The couple also shared a TikTok video of themselves and Ashley captioned, "Maybe this quarantine is not that bad after all." She was referring to the coronavirus, which has caused people to stay at home.

Updates of the 90 day fiancé couple from E news

According to E-news, a source told them that Jay and Ashley are back together and are trying to work on the relationship.

The source also said that "Ashley was not happy without Jay."

It's been three months since the blonde beauty revealed that she still loved Jay. She had posted a really long and heartbreaking post, which she later deleted. She stated that it was okay not to be okay and revealed that they were no longer together. It's a huge surprise to their fans and "90 Day Fiancé" viewers to see the couple together again.

What viewers have to say about Ashley and Jay

A lot of fans are not happy that Ashley accepted Jay back into her life after everything that happened in their marriage. One viewer took to Twitter to remind everyone of when Jay had cheated on Ashley with a random girl in the bathroom. The couple also had a big argument when Ashley accused him of using a secret Tinder profile to chat with random girls and flirt.

Jay had also said in the past that he did not like the way "90 Day Fiancé" portrayed him because he looked like the bad guy.

She also posted a picture on Instagram of her eating, where a lot of people asked her about the TikTok video but she was not direct. One fan asked her if she was going to "spill the tea" and she sarcastically said there was no wasting of tea allowed.

What do you think of Jay and Ashley? Do you think they can work it out? Would you like for them to be back on the show?