Danielle Jbali was on the "90 Day Fiancé" show with Mohamed Jbali. The relationship did not work out. Mohamed once complained of her bad hygiene and they divorced. Danielle wanted an annulment because she felt cheated but it did not work out. Mohamed still lives in America and has the best moments with his dog.

Danielle was asked, a couple of times, why she kept her ex-husband's name after their divorce. She said that it was for her Instagram verification. Danielle recently called out her followers for making assumptions from her posts about what is what was going on in her life.

Danielle post that explained depression

Danielle loves to post quotes and inspirational sayings on her Instagram account and she recently shared an image that explained what it felt like to be depressed.

There was a writeup on the photo and by the right side a drawing of a woman crying in the rain. The writeup explained that a depressed person might not wish to live. Plus, the person lacks motivation and the person feels lonely, etc. Some of her fans assumed she was depressed and offered her their support in the comments.

Danielle speaks up and explains to fans

Danielle posted today, on March 1, 2020. Her post explained to fans that someone can post something and still not be going through it or directing it to anyone.

The writeup ended with "Maybe I just like what I read or what I see...I am human!!"

A fellow cast member, David Toborowsky, liked the post. Her fans showed support and one of them urged her to not let haters bring her down.

The post where she talked of depression got the attention of many fans and a lot of them thought she was depressed.

One follower recalled the post where many thought she was depressed and said that she was trying to "deny that she is not depressed" by talking about posts not being what she is going through. Some of Danielle's recent post included, "Don't change yourself so that other people will like you. Be yourself so that the right people will love you." and one explaining that people should be around people that can be there for them.

From the looks of the "90 Day Fiancé" cast member's Instagram posts, she is happiest when she spends time with family and friends.

Danielle seems very happy

Danielle seems to be living a good life. Actually, she recently celebrated the birthday of her grandsons and posted photos of the cute boys. Staehle Karine and Toborowsky liked the posts. There was a blue cake with a diagram of a popular kids' cartoon character, Olaf, on top of the cake. There was also a write up that showed that one of them was Bentley and the other, Greyson. Bentley is four, while Greyson is three years old.

What do you think of Danielle's post? Do you think she is right that people should not assume things? Do you think she might really be depressed?