XXXTentacion's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, filed an order of protection against a man named Donavon Banton, a 24-year-old man from New York who has been stalking and harassing her for the past few months. Banton, who recently broke into Bernard's home, was taken into custody telling the arresting officers that Bernard's late son XXXTentacion had been sending him messages from the grave.

According to reports from The Blast, Banton had repeatedly been showing up at Cleopatra's home, attempting to break in, causing Bernard some major anxiety and fear.

Banton admitted he had been traveling to Florida from New York in hopes of contacting Cleopatra since the end of August.

XXXTentacion's mom's stalker claims rapper spoke to him from the grave

Banton told police officers that Cleopatra has "been playing sadistic games with him," asking him to come to her Florida home. In August, Banton was issued a trespass warning and sent on his way back to New York. The police warnings, however, did not deter him for long, and he showed up once again on November 27.

His second unannounced visit failed, and he was sent on his way this time by a security guard. Banton once again made a trip to Bernard's home in Florida, arriving on January 8. This time he spoke with the police telling them that he had sent there by XXXTentacion, who has been contacting him from the grave.

He claims the late rapper had been sending him "Sadistic messages," which were affecting him physically, causing him to "tremble and shake."

Cleopatra Bernard harassed for months

Banton stated that XXXTentacion was communicating to him through his mother Cleopatra Bernard and that the only way to stop the sadistic games and messages was to go to Florida and make contact with the fallen singer's mother.

He claims he arrived at Bernard's Florida home and tossed a brick through the rear window of her car and smashed out the windshield of her Range Rover. He stated to police that Cleopatra had used witchcraft to possess him and spiritually attack him.

XXXTentacion's mother accused of using witchcraft to possess stalker

When Bernard heard the breaking glass outside her home, she quickly phoned the police.

Officers arriving on the scene caught up with Banton and found him in possession of two pairs of gloves, a small ax, and a pry bar. Donavon Banton was taken into custody and charged with felony burglary dwelling/structure cause, possession of burglary with intent to use, stalking-follow, harass, cyberstalk, and criminal mischief with damages over $1000.

As previously reported by Blasting News, XXXTentacion was shot to death at Deerfield Beach, Florida, on June 19, 2018, during a drive-by shooting incident at a local motorcycle shop after two men in a dark-colored SUV shot and killed him in an apparent robbery.

The family of XXXTentacion, his mother Cleopatra Bernard, and father Dwayne Onfroy are currently engaged in a nasty battle over the late rapper's estate. Since his death, his former girlfriend has also come forward to claim that he fathered her child, which a paternity test has since confirmed.