Florida law enforcement is asking the public for help in order to locate two suspects allegedly identified and tied to the shooting death of rapper XXXTentacion. The 20-year-old hip hop artist, born Jahseh Onfroy, was shot and killed on June 18, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He was fatally shot during the day in Deerfield Beach, FL while he has leaving RIVA Motorsports. KIRO 7 reported that authorities want to find Trayvon Newsome, 20, and Robert Allen 22, in connection with the murder.

Grand jury indicted four men accused of robbing, killing rapper

Dedrick Williams, 22, and Michael Boatwright, also 22, were arrested in June and have remained in police custody. Complete Music Update (CMU) reported on Monday (July 23) that a grand jury in the state of Florida has since indicted Newsome, Allen, Williams, and Boatwright.

Law enforcement claims that Williams was the getaway driver while Boatwright was the triggerman, firing the shot that killed XXXTentacion. Authorities also believe that the shooting was the outcome of a robbery that went awry. When he was killed, the rapper had $50,000 in cash in a Louis Vuitton bag, CMU also noted. The suspects took the bag with the cash, according to court documents.

Suspected shooter wants witness list and evidence from prosecutors

Boatwright, who was initially taken into custody after XXXTentacion’s murder on unrelated drug charges, was served with a first-degree murder warrant on July 10. The Blast, as well as Hip Hop Overload, reported that the suspected shooter requested that prosecutors give his legal team all the evidence related to him regarding the case.

Boatwright wants his attorneys to receive a complete list of the prosecutions’ witnesses.

In addition to knowing who could be lined up to testify against him, Boatwright’s legal team wants to determine if there are also witnesses who provided statements that could point to his innocence, and/or whether there is evidence that rules him out as the alleged shooter.

Accused killer wants to know if a deal for testimony is involved

Court documents, too, indicate that Boatwright aims to learn if anyone is involved in a deal with Florida prosecutors that could lead to leniency in exchange for information or testimony against him. Along with the possibility of a lighter sentence for a deal, his team also wants to search for indications of compensation/other arrangements that benefit anyone potentially involved in unrelated legal proceedings.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office claims that Dedrick Williams played an active role in the rapper’s death, Robert Allen is a person of interest, and Boatwright and Newsome were armed when XXXTentacion was confronted and robbed.

At least one of the suspected killers (law enforcement asserts) opened fire on the artist, who was transported to a hospital -- where he was later pronounced dead.

Hip hop artist had stash of cash taken when he was murdered

A report by BET (published July 20) indicates the reason that XXXTentacion had cash stashed in a Louis Vuitton bag -- he went to a bank, withdrew the money, and went to the dealership to purchase a new motorcycle.

After the rapper and a friend arrived outside the dealership, an SUV showed up, as BET reported. Surveillance video shows XXXTentacion and his friend shopping inside. Two men got out of the SUV and casually passed by X and his friend. He was shot after he left the store and went back to his vehicle.