The tragic loss of the upcoming rapper Pop Smoke has shocked both fans and his friends as authorities are now investigating the true motive of the perpetrators. Claims were suggesting, however, that the rapper’s untimely demise was a targeted hit and not just a robbery that’s gone terribly wrong.

A hit job

Entertainment website TMZ noted that there were people who already saw the surveillance footage from outside the Hollywood Hills home where Pop Smoke was shot. According to them, the video shows four men going towards the property at around 4:30 A.M.

and snuck around the back of the home.

In just a few minutes, three of the four men went to the side of the house all the way to the front. The fourth person is said to have walked in the backdoor of the house, though TMZ pointed out that “no camera was trained on it.” The individual exited the home via the front door holding what could be a handgun.

The website claims that the gunman was not carrying anything upon leaving the premises, adding that Pop Smoke was the only one that got shot during the attack. It was initially presumed that the incident was an apparent case of robbery since the rapper took to his social media to show the gifts that were delivered to him. However, the address of the place that he was renting was also shown on his Facebook story, not to mention that there were also photos posted over on Instagram of him and his best friend and brother Mike Dee outside the house were Dee can be seen holding a thick stack of cash.

Possible link to Pop Smoke’s tragic fate

The YouTube channel DomisLive NEWS speculated that Pop Smoke’s arrest last month may be connected to what happened to the rapper. For the uninitiated, the up and coming star was accused of stealing a Rolls-Royce and eventually transporting the car from Los Angeles to New York. The $375,000 vehicle was found parked inside his mom’s house with its plate number changed and windows had been tinted.

A photo of the car was even posted on his Instagram with Smoke inside, though it was already taken down (there’s a photo of him with the car on Smoke’s Facebook page). He also believes that the hit could be gang-related since Pop Smoke has ties with the Crips.

Per The New York Times, Smoke was scheduled to perform at a concert in New York back then when the arrest took place.

He was at Kennedy International Airport when it happened as he had just returned from Paris Fashion Week.

The owner of the car (identity withheld) let Pop Smoke borrow it for his music video on the promise that it would be returned the day after. What happened next was otherwise. The owner tried to contact the rapper, but failed to do so. He then tried locating the vehicle using its GPS tracking and discovered that it was traveling through Arizona.