The Good Doctor” takes on several dilemmas of modern life in this week's February 10 Episode 14 of Season 3, “Influence.” Dr. Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is running a little behind in starting his day and so is his girlfriend, Carly (Jasika Nicole). What Shaun intends as a very well-timed period of early morning passion takes longer than planned, and his first case of the day is an eye-opener.

Kayley Parker (Chelsea Alden) is a young and rising social media influencer. Having a voice and a presence are essentials to her trade. Her voice, however, is failing badly, and worse, she is having regular episodes of passing out.

She has shopped a bevy of medical specialists, who have recommended all manner of procedures, including brain surgery. She is smitten with Dr. Murphy as a “chill medico” and the “cute doctor” destined to cure her. When she clicks a picture of “The Good Doctor,” she does more than upset the quiet balance that the surgical resident prefers to maintain in life. Unfortunately, some supervisors of “The Good Doctor” have their own motives for seeking social media attention instead of protecting their conscientious and gifted employee.

Claire (Antonia Thomas) and Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) handle a patient with severe colon distress, Ann (Cristina Rosato). Like many moms, she has only herself to keep the family afloat, and she tries to cure her recurring urinary tract infections with a home version of an FMT procedure.

As unsavory as the treatment seems, the transfer of healthy gut flora is a proven way to assist in clearing infections, when done properly, which means by medically trained staff in a sterile environment. The team gets an unintentional tip from Ann’s three-year-old daughter, Marla (Mila Leanne Jones) that ultimately saves both their lives.

‘The Good Doctor’ finds photos quite distasteful

Shaun is totally unprepared for Kayley’s click-mania with the camera and even more taken aback by his hospital’s response to the attention. Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) is a proponent of the influencer’s effect, pushing that wIth “coaching,” “The Good Doctor” could inspire many and put San Jose St.

Bonaventure Hospital in a very flattering light. Dr. Melendez insists that this “pat on the back” in social media will be seen as very exploitive, and Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) warns that Shaun is a “communications wildcard,” whose story could go wrong at any time. Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) is the steady captain, saying that “if we consider Shaun an asset, then we shouldn't treat him like a liability.” in a scene from the episode. There are many things besides autism to admire in “The Good Doctor”—courage, hope, and kindness among them.

What excites Shaun most is the mystery of Kayley’s condition, and he intervenes literally in the nick of time to revive her amidst a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) to spare her life.

He is so thrilled by the effort that he brings Carly outside, saying that he wants to celebrate by “kissing you a lot.” Just as they are floating on the affection, a gaggle of Kayley’s followers accosts the couple, clicking cameras for more pictures.

Faithful fans of “The Good Doctor” can rejoice, because ABC has already given the green light to Season 4 of the medical drama, per news from Variety, UPI, and other outlets on February 10. Fortunately, the cast of the show is much better at keeping storylines under wraps than the characters of this episode, but it's nice to look forward to another new season of relationships and life lessons for the residents.

During his life-saving effort, Dr. Murphy visualizes the styloid bone interfering with the carotid artery and Kayley’s voice and breathing.

He researches the procedure to take just a portion of the bone away, thus solving the problem with no brain surgery. There are two approaches to perform the operation, one through the mouth, much more difficult, and one through the neck, with some scarring. Naturally, the Instagram mogul picks the one without the possibility of the scar. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) pushes to take the lead, knowing the impact of her rheumatoid arthritis on maneuvering around delicate body structures.

Colon distress uncovers deadly coronary condition on ‘The Good Doctor’

Once again, Dr. Claire Brown is drawn to a precious child, one who calls out her caretaking tendencies as the mother heals. In beautiful scenes, Claire gently eases Marla through her fears for her mommy and unpleasant medical procedures.

During Ann’s extensive surgery, not only does a dangerous incident nearly cost her life, but Carly Lever also interrupts to say that her lab results show specimens from a 70-year-old were in her system. Dr. Melendez orders that Marla also needs stool testing.

While waiting for a social worker to arrive for Marla, (which prompts Dr. Brown to only a small outburst) the child unassuming says that “mommy drank my p**p.” The revelation sets the team into action, but in actuality, Marla only thought her mother ingested the waste because of seeing the food processor. What is revealed with mom’s home method is that Marla has a life-threatening coronary condition, and requires immediate surgery.

The cost of medical care and uncaring doctors becomes the topic of conversation in the OR, and ultimately, Dr.

Melendez concurs with Dr. Brown that mom has nothing to apologize for in this case. Marla survives her heart bypass, and mother and daughter recover together. It was devastating to see the little girl collapse, but so affirming to see her clutching her stuffed bunny and have her mother's hand to hold. Mila Leanne Jones is a star in the making and a complete scene-stealer.

A mission and a mistake arise on ‘The Good Doctor”

Dr. Glassman encourages that Shaun to “really think about” the possibility of sharing his story publicly. “The Good Doctor” agrees but asks a favor in return. Lea tells Shaun that she is ready for a career change, not interested in automobile design for marketing any longer.

Shaun asks Glassman to give her an interview.

The interview session with these two rather cozy adversaries is delicious. “Did Shaun tell you to waste my time?” Lea asks straight out-of-the-box. Glassman agrees that their mutual admiration for Shaun “isn't enough to keep us from killing each other.”

In a matter of minutes in his office, however, Lea uncovers viable computer security threats, the location of his third coffeemaker ordered, and medical journal status. She is someone who has the know-how he needs, even if she rubs him in all the wrong ways. She leaves, but he calls her back. This character dynamic will be fun to see evolve if they survive. Lea thinks Shaun should offer his story, and Carly gets offended that Shaun sought Lea’s input.

Carly suggested that Shaun do only what he feels comfortable doing. One of her biggest strengths is trusting Shaun in his decisions. Nonetheless, she gets needlessly in a tizzy when she finds that he has asked Lea’s opinion and also gotten her a job interview just one floor above at the hospital. Morgan steps and at the peak of her emotion, reminding her that Shaun is incapable of lying and also affirming that his traits of honesty and loyalty should be prized.

Dr. Reznick performs her surgery on Kayley, but it almost turns disastrous. She removes the styloid portion but then loses it. The bone fragment is retrieved, but only with assistance from the team. A discussion follows after surgery, and everyone is counseled not to discuss the mistake.

Morgan abstains from comment understandably, and “The Good Doctor” doesn't abide easily with any untruth. Still, he agrees to offer comments sparingly. This professional secret is bound to make a comeback, and secrets usually always kill.

Morgan may have another secret under her lab coat. She observes Dr. Melendez and Claire running at the track. Dr. Lim later tells Melendez that an anonymous accusation of favoritism has been fielded to her. Melendez defends that “absolutely nothing” unprofessional has occurred. Morgan seemed to be on a higher road recently. It’s sad to see her depend on manipulation tactics again, but she knows deep down that she fears for her future.

Kayley celebrates her successful surgery, coercing the team to give glowing comments.

Carly waits for Shaun in the locker room, admitting that she got carried away with jealousy over Lea. When she says that she will work on the issue, “The Good Doctor,” her good doctor, assures that they will work on it “together”

Shaun reminded Kayley that “We are our decisions, as seen in the video clip. Because she allowed her decisions to be made by “her public,” he stressed that she was “not being anyone.” She espouses that everyone should be who they are, yet she doesn’t know who she is.

“The Good Doctor” makes his momentous decision to not speak about his story at the close of the episode. “I want to be known as a good doctor, not a good autistic doctor,” he tells his mentor in a pivotal scene.

The simple, noble words from the surgical resident resonate with the value of a good friend, an honest man, a gentle soul, and someone who prizes love and loyalty and loves to learn, along with professional gifts. Shaun Murphy is only a character, but the ideas expressed in this episode co-written by David Shore give everyone a higher plane than mere instant fame.

Direct and simultaneously delicate in its humanity, “The Good Doctor” distinguishes itself among TV Shows.