"The Bachelor 2020" frustrated fans so much as not even guru Reality Steve seems to know the final outcome. But, spoilers posted by Reality Steve and a new preview clip prompted a fan theory that sounds feasible. It involves Madison possibly rejecting Peter. Plus, there could be another ending with no-one the winner, like Hannah B's season on "The Bachelorette." That may even extend to yet another post-finale reach out by Peter to one of the contestants he dumped earlier. Spoiler alert. Do not read beyond this point if you don't like spoilers.

Reality Steve spoilers indicate 'The Bachelor' outcome involves a decision by Madison

On Monday night, February 10, the verified account of Reality Steve on Instagram shared new spoilers on the Rose Ceremony #8 elimination and the hometown dates. Without going into all of them, we noted that Victoria Fuller and Peter split before meeting her parents. That's not really too much news to fans who already heard widespread rumors that she didn't make it to the top 2. She begged him for a second chance, which he gave her, despite an ex telling Peter she had a "shady past."

An interesting aspect about Madison emerged in the spoilers and also in "The Bachelor" preview clip. Madison and Peter went to the Auburn campus and met basketball coach Bruce Pearl.

Later they had dinner at his home, according to Reality Steve. But, her dad didn't give Peter permission to marry his daughter. In the clip, fans hear him saying to Peter after he says he's falling in love," "As a father, I'd rather you did not say that to her." That followed Madison's mom saying her dad won't give his daughter away to just anyone.

Meanwhile, Madison's in tears.

Does Madison reject Peter who turns to his second choice, who says 'no?'

Recall that on The Bachelorette, Hannah B fell hard for Luke Parker. Very religious, she only dumped him after he complained she slept with other men - including Peter Weber. Well, Madison also seems pretty conservative. Or, at least we know she seems to want to keep herself for marriage.

But in the preview clip, we see Peter rolling in the hay with two females. And, fans know it's not likely to be Madison.

@momma.lamb spoke about their theory on Reality Steve's spoiler page on Instagram. They suggested that Maddison's "saving herself for marriage." They then think that right before he proposes, he tells her, or she finds out he slept with the other women. So, she leaves him. The theory also mentioned the clip where we see "The Bachelor's" mom crying and telling him to go after "her," and bring her back. They question if we'll see "Peter alone like Hannah B?" They suggested, "Two consecutive bachelor/ette not ending in any type of real life relationship,(sic)."

Did Peter then choose Hannah Ann Sluss?

Another fan, @laineykopczynski elaborated on momma lamb's theory, suggesting that Peter goes after Madison who turns him down again.

But then, he decides okay, he'll go with Hannah Ann and ask her to take him back. They suggest she does, but none of that got filmed for the show. This may explain the lack of ending spoilers.

But of course, there's also the possibility she turns him down. And, none of this really explains the scene in "The Bachelor" clip where Chris Harrison tells Peter they just heard something he should know. Devastated, he lies on his bed distraught. We don't know if that devastation's caused by bad news about Hannah Ann or that never-ending theory that a former contestant may be pregnant.

What do you think about the fan theory that Madison rejects Peter right before the ring proposal as she heard he slept with the women?

Do you think his mom's crying over madison leaving? Do you think it's plausible that he asks Hannah Ann Sluss as his second choice and she accepts? Or, does she say 'no' and we see another inconclusive ending like Hannah B's "The Bachelorette?"

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