"The Bachelor" spoilers from Reality Steve have yet to pinpoint who, if anyone, Peter Weber will choose in the end. Other spoilers have emerged along the way and, on Monday night, the Rose Ceremony #5's came out. Despite these regular spoilers from the ABC guru, fans grow bored with Peter Weber's season.

'The Bachelor' spoilers include theories about the Venmo app

Plenty of fans hope that Peter Weber chooses none of the current contestants. Somehow, they hope for a twist at the end that sees he and Hannah B together. While Reality Steve's been careful not to speculate on a final name, others try their luck.

Women's Health tried determining it by how many of the last contestants had private Venmo accounts. As only Peter and Hannah Ann do, they think it may be her.

Well, that shows it's anybody guess right now. In the meantime, the spoilers on other rose ceremonies come out. Fans are a bit irritated as these rose ceremonies only get shown in the next "The Bachelor" episode. So, when the spoilers came out for ceremony 4, fans only see it next week. It makes keeping track of all the spoilers a bit difficult. But, many fans simply don't really care about Peter's season at this stage.

Spoilers for Rose Ceremony #5 in 'The Bachelor'

Reality Steve, on Instagram Stories, shared the following spoilers:

  • 1:1 Date - Sydney Hightower - she gets the rose.
  • Group date - Telavonella Soap Opera: 10 women go on the date. It's the one that fans saw in the previews. That's where Madi "slapped someone." These women also include Victoria P, Shiann, Victoria F, Lexi, Natasha, Mykenna, Hanna Ann, Kelsey, and Tammy.
  • 1:1 Date - Kelley Flannagan - she gets the rose.
  • Eliminations are Shiaan and Lexi.

"The Bachelor" fans saw those spoilers and then went to his main page to discuss their feeling on Peter's season so far.

It now seems that many fans hate this season and claim that it's mega-boring.

Some fans accuse Peter Weber of being boring, hate the current 'The Bachelor' season

On Reality Steve's main account, fans and critics commented on the season so far. Many of them simply say it so boring, they wish it were over. One fan noted, "I feel like this is the slowest season ever!

Can we just get to the end .. none of these girls have the chemistry he had with Hannah B." Another wrote, "I seriously don’t see how he can be truly madly in love at the end of this season. Holy crap there was not this much drama in high school. These girls need to grow up." Then this critic noted: "Peter is one of the most boring Bachelors ever!"

Other comments on the spoilers about the Rose Ceremony #5 indicate many "The Bachelor" fans agree with it being both mega-boring and immature.

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