"90 Day Fiancé" star, Annie Toborowsky took to her Instagram account to announce to her fans that she would be going to see Ashley Toborowsky, her husband's daughter. She posted two photos for her followers.

The first one displayed the Thailand native in a white top, white trousers, white jacket, holding a banana in a sitting room. She looked very happy and said in her caption that her hair and makeup were done and she was ready to meet David's daughter, but she had to eat first.

The reality star tagged her husband and David immediately commented, saying that Annie was teasing him.

He said that he was not ready for the meetup but, he loved her.

Fans comment on Annie Toborowsky post

One of her fans commented, saying that the "90 Day Fiancé" cast member was beautiful, funny, humble, smart and cute. He said that she was everything and he loved her and David. Annie replied to the comment, saying thank you, with heart eyes emojis.

Another fan said she was incredibly adorable. She further told the reality star that it was always food first, meaning that she supported that Annie wanted to eat first. Annie replied with heart eyes emoji.

Another follower asked if she got a "tata job." The follower said that she was obsessed with Annie and her husband on "Pillow Talk." One of her followers asked where she was going and Annie replied to the comment, saying that she was going to a hotel.

A fan asked Annie if she had lost weight, and then told her that she looked good. The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member replied to the comment, saying "thank you," with a smiling emoji.

One of her fans was skeptical about Annie wanting to be friends with David's daughter. The fan reminded Annie that in the beginning, Ashley did not approve of her being with her father.

They asked if David's daughter accepted her and ended by saying that Annie was a good person. Annie replied, saying that her husband's daughter accepted her now.

Annie Toborowsky took a photo with David's daughter

Annie posted another photo of herself with her husband's daughter, Ashley. Annie and David's daughter looked happy.

Ashley wore glasses and a black shirt. David also posted that same photo, along with some others on his Instagram account.

Annie said in her caption that she had a lot of fun. She also said that Ashley came visiting. She thanked David's daughter for coming and being so nice. The "90 Day Fiancé" star said Ashley was welcome, anytime she wanted to come.

A fan commented on Annie's post, saying that she looked like David, but with hair. Annie agreed, saying that she looked a hundred percent like her husband, David. Another fan said that she hoped Ashley's smile was genuine. Annie reassured the fan, saying that the smile was actually genuine.

One of Annie's fans said that it was good to see her getting along with David's daughter, considering the fact that they did not have a very good start. The follower also noted that they supported the reality star.