Shannen Doherty has been a TV fixture since she endeared herself to fans of “Little House on the Prairie” as Jenny Wilder. Few actresses ever have the opportunity to truly inhabit a role in the same way as Shannen Doherty. TV Shows from the 70s to the millennium made the star welcome. She played Brenda Walsh through her own coming-of-age trials in “Beverly Hills 90210” and brought the character through to the realities of womanhood in the “BH90210” reboot on Fox last year.

The reincarnation of the series brought together the cast favorites from the original, and the jolting death of Luke Perry in March of last year prompted Shannen Doherty to keep a devastating secret regarding her own health.

The actress was already in the battle of her life with the return of stage IV cancer, and she didn't want to detract from the sense of mourning and honor for Perry or allow her illness to impact the production of the show.

Shannen Doherty confided in a single, close friend on the set, along with immediate family. Now, the star who lived wide-open through her characters on camera is offering wide open gratitude and honesty to fans, followers, and friends, as reported by UPI this morning, February 12, and also in a “Today” feature.

Shannen Doherty has already lived a courageous chronicle with cancer

Shannen Doherty was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and it was during her reconstruction and lymph node removal that the possibility of the disease spreading beyond the affected areas was mentioned as a possibility.

The star never shrunk back from the brutal side of her chemotherapy or radiation. Her husband, cameraman, and cinematographer, Kurt Iswarienko, known best for his work on “The Pirates of the Caribbean” film sagas, turned his camera to his wife's courage in several black-and-white photos, and fans and friends alike rallied to support Shannen's bravery.

Some supporters even shaved their heads in solidarity, and the star regularly donned colorful scarves for television interviews. In 2017, Doherty’s cancer was declared in remission, but every cancer survivor lives with the reality that a return may be around the corner.

In her ABC News interview last week, Shannen Doherty tearfully confessed that “I'm worried about him,” of her stalwart husband.

She draws strength from her “ridiculously strong, courageous” mother. She also credits her co-star, Brian Austin Green, for being that “one person” who knew the gravity of her condition and always pledged: “I have your back” during the long shoots. Another pastime the friends enjoyed was swapping stories that kept Luke Perry in a positive and vibrant light. Co-stars like Tori Spelling are scolding the 2020 Oscars in the media for claiming that the ceremony ran out of time for Perry's in memoriam honor.

Shannen Doherty wanted to demonstrate through her work ethic that “you can live” with stage IV cancer. Now, as she expressed to fans in a personal reflection on social media, she is finding the strength to live fully and stand for something bigger than herself for whatever time she can.

Fans lift Shannen Doherty and she feels it

Shannen Doherty described in an ABC News interview last week that it was only “a few aches” and dull pain in the back of her head that led to her call to the oncologist. Even after sharing that “to say I have stress is an understatement,” the star keeps her focus on gratitude for the “love, prayers, and support” of so many who have followed her. She still admits that “I find my feet not completely underneath me,” but promises to dig deep for inner strength.

“I need to face it all,” Doherty insists, striving to do so in “dignity and grace.” The photo accompanying her words radiates life. She is on horseback on a sun-struck day, with a blossoming tree and blue sky above her.

Shannen promises that she has more to say, but closes the post with “please know how much you all help lift me.”

Shannen Doherty is just 48, and for anyone, that is an early age to look mortality in the face. She already has reaped some benefit from the gripping truth. She and her husband never fight over any of the daily stuff, she reported through her original siege of treatment. Instead, the couple looks to every small moment as one to celebrate.

Many courageous artists gain callings from a personal trial. Loretta Lynn is making music after her stroke. Lady Gaga is an ambassador for mental health. Shannen Doherty may not understand her impact yet, but it will be lasting, Thriving in hope despite despair requires divine strength.

An insurance company won’t take the story from Shannen Doherty

When it rains, it pours, as the adage goes. Amidst the recurrence of her cancer, the Woolsey fire in California severely damaged Shannen Doherty's home.

Someone in perfect health still finds it a pain to file insurance claims, feeling the frustrating burn of being transferred to the department after department. Shannen Doherty faced her terminal illness amid all those transactions.

Her insurance company, State Farm, issued a statement detailing that $1.1 million had been paid to clean and restore possessions and property and provide temporary rental items. For her part, Doherty contends that she has paid many out-of-pocket expenses that should have been covered, considering her health status.

She is now suing and trying to stay away from the lingering scents of smoke that pervade within her walls. Shannen Doherty sees her case as a stand against “big business running over the little person,” even one with a very long career.

Doherty didn't want court documents to be the only account of her cancer experience. She wants her voice to tell the story once more.

“I want to be remembered for something bigger than just me,” reminds the actress. Finding bravery and gratitude in every situation is a powerful route to that kind of legacy.

“You only die once-- you live every day,” Shannen Doherty speaks as her daily reflection