Supergirl” is set to return in the fall for its fifth season which has a few changes in store for the characters. One of the first changes is the new suit and hairstyle sported by Supergirl. Melissa Benoist teases fans with a photo of the new suit which can be found on her Instagram. One of the other changes set to rock Kara's world is thanks to Lex after he revealed to Lena that Kara is Supergirl which will impact the two's friendship. Showrunner Jessica Queller teases to Digital Spy that one of the central stories this season will focus on if the friendship between the two can make it.

The new season will also find Benoist directing an episode while David Harewood is set to direct episode eleven.

What to expect in season five

Jessica Queller shares with Digital Spy that the theme of the upcoming season will be technology and that they're referring to it as the “Black Mirror” season for how they will explore how technology is changing the fabric of humanity. This is a change from season four which was the most political season for the series. The new season will focus on Levithan which will be the big bad of the season and is an organization that works toward the protection of the planet with their agenda woven throughout the season. The end of last season revealed the Monitor throwing a wrench into J'onn's life through the arrival of his brother Malefic who will impact everyone and is described as being J'onn's test.

Robert Rovner shares with EW that Malefic is a shapeshifter so will be changing appearance in every episode he's in so no one actor will be taking up the part. But, Phil LaMarr will be voicing the Martian version of the character.

Beat shares various interviews taken with the cast during Comic-Con where the actors teased what's to come in the new season.

Jesse Rath teased that the first few episodes will explore Brainy and Nia's relationship now that they're officially together and how Brainy will work to open up to Nia. The actor also shared that while Brainy is back to being Brainy, he's still aware of what the reboot did to him. Nicole Maines shares that she would love to have Nia in a scene with Sara Lance, Kate Keene, and Alex Danvers during “Crisis” and says that while she's met the actors from the other Arrowverse shows she has yet to act with them.

Andrea Brooks teases Eve's revelation that she's an agent for Leviathan after the shocking betrayal of working with Lex and how that forces Eve to make some decisions about what to do next. Chyler Leigh shares that some crazy stuff will happen later in the season but can't share what. However, the actor does share that the DEO will be easing back into things following the events of last season and goes on to talk about Alex's failed adoption which she thinks the show has handled well on how painful the process can be.

Azie Tesfai adds that the show explores the realistic pitfalls of adoption. It's also been revealed that during the “Crisis” crossover event, Brandon Routh will be taking on an alternate version of Superman.

Routh previously played Clark Kent in the movie “Superman Returns” and currently plays Ray Palmer on “Legends of Tomorrow.” Tyler Hoechlin will also be back to portray Kara's famous cousin, while Elizabeth Tulloch is set to return as Lois Lane.

One fan-favorite returns while one exits

The new season will see the return of a fan-favorite character as Jeremy Jordan is set to reprise his role as Winn. Kara's best friend was last seen taking off to the future in the season three finale. Jordan is set to appear in three episodes following the big crossover event. The actor teases on Twitter with the announcement that Winn didn't go a 1000 years into the future but to season five. He then went on to share his excitement about coming back to play with friends.

While “Supergirl” is seeing a return, the new season will also have an exit.

Mehcad Brooks is reported to be leaving the upcoming season and in a statement to EW, the showrunners reveal their sadness to see him go and their hope to see him come back again to visit his sister. To TVLine the actor joked that he and Jeremy Jordan weren't able to be seen on the show at the same time while admitting how leaving “Supergirl” is harder than he thought it'd be. Azie Tesfai who plays James' sister Kelly was promoted to series regular before the end of season four. The new season also promoted Andrea Brooks who plays Eve, to series regular status. Jon Cryer is also set to return as Lex but it's unclear which version of the character the actor will be portraying.

The new season will have several new characters, including Meaghan Rath who is the sister of Jesse Rath who plays Brainy. Rath will be playing a female version of Brainiac-5 which Jesse Rath reveals at Comic-Con is something that he has pushed for since he came onto the show. Julie Gonzalo is set to play Andrea Rojas who the CW describes as a fierce businesswoman with the goal of storming the world of media with a hostile advance and is someone with a mystical secret. Staz Nair will play William Dey who is a hardened reporter and is an original character developed for the show.

The new season of “Supergirl” will continue to be on Sunday nights and is set to premiere October sixth following the premiere of the new superhero drama “Batwoman.”