Marie Osmond is enjoying her life as a new blonde according to Fox News. The 60-year-old actress/singer debuted her new blonde bob on her Instagram account revealing a new and nearly unrecognizable version of her former self.

Marie Osmond shared the new photo of herself along with her hairdresser giving him a full shout-out credit by captioning the photograph; "I think blondes DO have more fun!! This is @haircody90210, I absolutely adore him!!!" Osmond went on with the caption asking her followers what hashtag they should give him while looking very content with her new youthful look.

Marie Osmond stuns Instagram with blonde makeover

However, Marie's new blonde look lasted very briefly. Less than 24 hours later Marie's blonde bob was gone and she was back to her long dark brown locks. Marie's social media followers quickly began commenting on her hair with many claiming that they preferred the shorter blonde wig to her natural color and style.

Giving the singer plenty to think about, style-wise. This is not the first time Marie Osmond has donned the fun-blonde look. Back in 2013 Osmond appeared on Wendy Williams as a blonde and told the show's host that she has always had a love for wigs. She also revealed that she often goes out as a blonde when she is out with her children calling it her "mommy-hair."

Beauty secrets revealed by Marie Osmond

Marie added that going out as a blonde assures that her precious family time remains uninterrupted by fans giving her the needed time with her kids and a nice break from the limelight.

Osmond has a new attitude and outlook in 2020 according to the report. Marie has been busy this year making all the necessary changes and taking steps to improve her health and overall well-being. In December Marie admitted that she had been struggling again with her weight. The "Paper Roses" hitmaker revealed she knew that if she did not make the drastic health changes needed now she knew her work and overall life would suffer tremendously.

Marie Osmond credits NutriSystem for helping change her life

Marie has openly battled with weight loss issues for decades and credits her previous 50 plus pound weight loss to NutriSystem adding that they are the reason behind her weight loss success today. Osmond called the program "the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life."

Last fall Marie and brother Donny Osmond announced that they would be ending their long-running Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

The brother/sister duo although sad to see their 11-year show come to an end continues to laugh off rumors that they ended the residency because they were not getting along.

Marie Osmond laughed saying, "Come on. We get angry at each other every day." Joking that they, after all, do have a normal brother and sister relationship. However rest assured, all is well in the Osmond family, the legendary brother and sister team added they both just wanted to free up their schedules for other projects in the upcoming year.