Jenelle Evans and David Eason, formerly of "Teen Mom 2," are back together. The reality television couple has decided to do whatever it takes to save their marriage and are now living back under the same roof of their North Carolina home, according to People.

According to the celebrity news site, David Eason and Jenelle Evans have been sharing overnight visits together for the past several weeks. Sources close to Jenelle and David have reportedly revealed to TMZ that the two have been taking things slow and that the time they have spent apart, since their separation, has been just what they needed to get back on track.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans adopt new family pet together

Not only have Jenelle and David seemingly worked through their wild marital issues, from 2019, which included David killing their family dog, the couple losing custody of their children, and Jenelle leaving David by obtaining an order of protection for herself and her children. The reunited couple has also decided that it was a perfect time for them to add a new pet goat to the family mix.

For "Teen Mom" fans who have been following Jenelle and David's story, the news of Jenelle Evans and David Eason's reunion does not likely come as a big surprise. The past history between Jenelle and David has revealed years of well-publicized and documented ups and downs between the two.

Despite all of the turmoil between the pair, no matter how insane and violent, Jenelle always seems to find her way back to David.

Nathan Griffith plans to steer clear of Jenelle Evans drama

The clues that David and Jenelle were once again heading for a reunion began back in January when the two were spotted hanging out together in Nashville with their young daughter Ensley.

The reunion rumors continued to grow throughout the month. As previously reported, Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith called Jenelle out and accused the reality television star of "twisting the truth" after Evans stated during a YouTube Q&A session that she and Griffith were on the outs again.

Nathan claims that they were never really getting along well because they have a problem seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to their son Kaiser.

Nathan also stated that Jenelle's remarks that Nathan was feeling "way more into her, than she was him" in that way was completely false and that he had no intention of seeking out any form of a romantic relationship with Jenelle, ever again.

Jenelle Evans does not plan to return to 'Teen Mom'

Nathan's comments to The Blast concerning Jenelle came about just days after it was announced that Evans had voluntarily dropped her restraining order against David Eason. When asked about Jenelle and David's relationship status Nathan quickly responded stating that he was "not getting into that drama."

As for Nathan, he claims he fully plans to steer clear of Jenelle Evans and her drama and focus only on what is best for his son Kaiser. However, for Jenelle Evans and David Eason, they claim they have no plans of even discussing returning to MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise anytime in the near future.