The heart comes through on “Hawaii Five-O” in every episode, in one way or another. The bonds of “ohana” go deeper than blood, and through Season 10, those ties have been closer than ever. This week's February 14 Valentine's Day 16th episode of the season, “He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha” (Man Is a Slave of Love), opens with a scene in deep red, and the color is not from roses.

All seems fitting for the day of love when a woman accepts delivery of a bouquet at the door until the camera pans wide to show a bloody hammer on the countertop and a man lying in a pool of blood from his head.

With police cars surrounding her home, the woman comes out, hands raised, confessing that she just killed her husband. This is not a typical open and shut homicide, and “Hawaii Five-O” goes in deep to unravel the real story.

Lt. Commander McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is ironing a shirt for a romantic third date with Brooke (Katie Wee), while Danny (Scott Caan) is still in the raw stages of healing from the traumatic loss of his dream lady in Episode 14 of this “Hawaii Five-O” season. Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) go out for a day of fun in the sun. Noelani is smitten with her surf instructor, Errol (Errol Kane II) and Tani is her tremendous hype girl. When a call comes in with a case, a quick stop at a convenience store turns into a terrifying ordeal as the fearsome ladies of “Hawaii Five-O” find themselves taken as hostages.

Danny knows all the signs of domestic abuse on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

It was a refresher for the soul to see Noelani riding the waves in this one, using her stature and smarts to the fullest effect, and pushing her flirty side too. Things between Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) didn't go as smoothly on the beach.

Adam again tried to defend that “I had to protect her,” but the captain reiterated that “it's going to take some time” before he’s fully back on good terms with Noshimuri after Siobhan’s ordeal.

Danny takes the lead in the ordeal of Lorena Massey (Marika Dominczyk), the self-professed murderess, now in “Hawaii Five-O” custody.

With his history as a New Jersey beat cop, he's familiar with all the signs of an abused wife. He insists that Lorena is not guilty, but instead, is a victim. He senses that she is protecting who killed the husband who she barely knows except for his beatings. Danny points out to Steve all the typical domestic abuse markers. Maybe it's because of the recent tragic loss of his own dark-haired beauty, but Danny goes to true extremes to assure that Lorena doesn't go down for this one.

The Secretary of State is putting heavy pressure on “Hawaii Five-O,” making it clear to Steve and Danny that they only care about the deceased husband, a diplomat from Thailand, assigned in Mumbai. When Quinn discovers phone messages from a Dr.

Paulson (Houston Rhines) on Lorena’s phone, Lorena admits that she found her husband dead. She confesses that she was having an affair, and trying to protect Paulson, who was on the island at the time. Danny smuggles Lorena to Kamekona’s (Taylor Wily) remote safe house until a Thai official with forged documents declares that Lorena has renounced her US citizenship. Danny and Lorena are arrested at the safe house.

Deeper investigation reveals the true cover-up crimes of the departed husband, however. He had a history of abuse of women, and killed an innocent victim with his drunk driving, pulling his diplomatic immunity card to get by with the crime. The victim's husband was on the island, and he dealt the hammer blow.

Steve pulls his own rank with the State Department heavies. He reveals all the dirty past of the diplomat, and how the revelations would negatively impact cooperative relationships between “our two countries, don't you think?” in a smooth-talking argument. The “Hawaii Five-O” boss wins out, and Lorena is released.

Tani and Noelani show their ‘Hawaii Five-O’ courage and compassion at the convenience store

Bombarded by the commercial evidence of Valentine's Day, Tani allows herself a small box of chocolates while Noelani gets water. Suddenly, everyone in the store falls victim to an obviously inexperienced robber (Darnell Kirkwood) and his female accomplice (Cara Santana).

The partners in crime wear nothing to conceal their identities, and both Tani and Noelani note that the gunman is trembling from something other than fear.

Noelani is grabbed by the woman and feigns an asthma attack. Tani renders the man helpless, without a weapon, but when he suffers a seizure, the motive for the robbery is revealed. The pair cannot afford the only medicine that is effective for him and is desperate to save his life. Noelani promises that she will go to the truck outside to get life-saving supplies and return alone. Adam tells the team to hold their fire. Tani convinces the woman that turning themselves in is the best option for them because prisoners get required medical treatment. Tani and Noelani never made it to the case, but the ladies averted a crisis on many levels.

A cozy night in on the couch for ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Danny arrives at Steve’s house after the hard day of “Hawaii Five-O” business to find Tani moving furniture and Steve making snacks.

Steve explains that he and his date had a change of heart, deciding not to fight the traffic or the dinner crowds. Brooke arrives and makes playful conversation with Danny over being waited on hand and foot. “He makes me eggs sometimes,” Detective Williams concedes before being asked to dim the lights.

Adam has another shadowy encounter regarding his next underworld assignment. He trades off an envelope with his contact in a car. He is told that Kenji is not very happy about Adam’s negotiated rescue of Siobhan. “I'm not afraid of Kenji,” Adam assures. He surely has reason to be fearful. So far, he's not blowing his cover on either side of the line, even with the shaky excuses.

Love Actually” is the film feature for the evening at McGarrett's movie house.

Tani contends that the romantic comedy is perfectly suited for Valentine's Day. Steve sits in the middle with one arm around Danny and the other around Brooke. What more could the man in charge of “Hawaii Five-O” ask for from cupid? Endings like this keep the police drama rolling through a decade while other TV Shows fade.