The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member, Anna Campisi, recently got married to her Turkish man, Mursel. She has also been sharing photos a lot recently such as a photo of Mursel and her youngest son, Leo. She also shared a photo of a Turkish meal she made, stating that Mursel really loved it when the family sat down at the dining table to eat.

Anna posted a Valentine's Day photo of herself and her family, excluding her oldest son, Joey. Joey has never been in support of Mursel and Anna's relationship so, in order to avoid questions, Anna stated, in her caption, that Joey did not want his picture taken.

Fans comment on Anna's post

A follower commented that Anna did not need to explain the absence of Joey because people would make their own judgment. Anna replied that she was aware of what the follower said but that people always assume she excluded him from the pictures and she really wanted them to stop those assumptions.

This person replied, saying that Joey did not like Mursel and that he was probably the only sensible person in the family because of how Mursel hid Anna's children from his parents in the beginning.

Someone else said that Joey did not have to like Mursel, adding that teenagers did not like a lot of things especially their mother's new man. She ended by telling Anna to calm down and enjoy because single mothers deserved to be loved too.

Someone asked Anna if Mursel liked the United States and she said that he did.

One of her followers asked her if she was drinking a beer in the photo and she affirmed that she was.

A hater commented, saying that Anna and her family were the worst people she ever knew. Anna replied saying, "You don't even make sense...bye."

David Toborowsky asked Anna not to drink too much

Annie's husband and fellow cast member on the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise David said, "Happy Valentine's day.

Don't drink too much." Dropping two laughing emojis.

Anna replied saying that she would try not to get drunk but suggested that they go for a drink and David replied in agreement, saying that if Anna wanted some warm weather she could go to Scottsdale. Anna said she wanted warm weather and David asked her to visit in March 2020, when he and Annie would be back from Thailand.

Another follower wished Anna a Happy Valentine's Day as well as a Happy Birthday. The follower also indicated that he was greeting her from Canada.

One of her fans asked what Mursel liked to eat and Anna replied, saying that he liked chicken.

What do you guys think of Mursel and Anna? Why do you think Joey refused taking pictures with them?