Hawaii Five-O” fans had a lot to take in the first few minutes of February 7’s Episode 15 of Season 10, "He waha kou o ka he'e" (Yours Is the Mouth of an Octopus). It feels like the dark days of old for Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) in the opening minutes, as he and Endo (John Harlan Kim) are moving bodies to another “dumpsite,” trying to deter the attentions of HPD from the original spot. Adam is a suspect on all sides. He is not trusted by his crime boss because of his allegiance with “Hawaii Five-O,” and he is suspected by the task force because of his erratic and mostly inexplicable behavior of late.

He has walked a dangerous line many times before, and he is balancing on this one because of very personal motives.

Danny (Scott Caan) is left to console. Marie (Annika Marks) the only relative of the woman who viewers suddenly learn is named Joanne from Episode 14. The name doesn't really matter because her memory and her spirit will stay with Danny for eternity, even though their physical hours together were brief.

Captain Grover's niece, Siobhan (Nia Holloway), last seen in “Hawaii Five-O” Episode 8 of Season 10, is pursuing her dream of becoming a police officer with passion and having passions with a fellow cadet, too. She has no idea how deeply her new flame is connected with Yakuza, but innocence is not enough to save her from nearly losing her life.

Chi McBride co-wrote this episode, which Ian Anthony Dale directed. The entanglements that begin in these moments are sure to unravel further for the rest of the season. “Hawaii Five-O” corrals a talented team among TV Shows, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Danny did everything he could to save his new love on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

In only a little over two minutes, ten years of emotion transpires between Danny and Marie. Danny insists on meeting Marie personally but has no words to say apart from “I'm so sorry” straight from the heart. “Hawaii Five-O” faithful had to be reaching for tissues as she stalled in telling the detective that “You were the last---“ before her tears came.

“You were with her when she died,” Marie continues. The brief scene carries enough emotion to fill a barge of memories. She relates a phone call when she was told about the “good looking, funny guy” before the fateful car ride. She assures Danny that “you did all you could,” despite the suffering in his face. The two embrace. To die, knowing that one is cared for and matters is all that anyone truly can ask.

As often as Danny and Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) discuss relationships, including their own, it would be tender to see Danny confide in Steve about the recent trauma, but he is not ready. When Steve asks if he wants to talk about it, Danny responds: “What’s there to say-- let's go.”

Tani (Meaghan Rath) gives Siobhan big “atta girl’s” for her accomplishments thus far at the police academy.

Tani is there to conduct weapons training, and she gets a salute and ovation from her students, shouting “Hawaii Five-O” in the house!” During their lunch break, Siobhan reveals her new romance with Cadet Tanaka, a.k.a. Endo. Siobhan suspects him of cheating but is so caught up in the throes of romance that she doesn't want to confront him. Tani tells her that a conversation is necessary, especially when Siobhan discloses that he has two phones. Kudos to “Hawaii Five-O” for continuing to portray women in leadership roles and still depict the fullness of their lives. Tani is tough as a tank while she's teaching, but her tenderness for Junior comes through when she counsels Siobhan.

Adam is a target for everyone on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

While Adam has a “coffee date” with Lou (Chi McBride), a coordinated shakedown of his home is being conducted by Steve and Danny, although Danny thinks the measure is overkill. While Grover is feeling out, never buying his story of the trip to Tokyo, he lets the returned team member know that he has “ohana right on the rock” and doesn't need to flee overseas. He also makes a call to Steve and Danny to “wrap it up.” No criminal evidence is found, but Steve wants to keep Adam “where I can keep an eye on him.” The “Hawaii Five-O” boss never sleeps.

Siobhan decides that now is as good a time as any to have it out with Endo. He makes an excuse over their study date, so she goes to his house.

She calls to let him know that she's “not far away” when she is right in front of the residence. She sees him and another man talking, and Endo races out after her. He forces her to go with him at gunpoint and takes her to a remote cabin, where she is bound and gagged. She is not sure what or who she observed, but she certainly sees the man who has her now as not being anyone to trust. She plays the game of promising that she will not tell a soul if Endo will only untie her. It almost happens, until a phone call comes.

Fears stir when word gets out that Siobhan hasn't shown up in class, and no one can reach her by phone. Adam, of course, gets very nervous. He contacts Kenji (Fernando Chien), warning him strongly that if his godson, Endo, doesn't ensure Siobhan's release, he will pay the ultimate price.

Riyo assured Adam that Kenji would not be a problem so long as Adam remained the “eyes and ears” for the crime boss inside “Hawaii Five-O.”

The phone call was a reminder from Kenji telling Endo that he must “do what you normally do,” so he leaves Siobhan still bound and gagged. Endo is met by HPD officers when he arrives for class, and Lou Grover and Steve don’t go easy on him during interrogation. He swears that Siobhan was inconsolable after he broke up with her, and he has no idea how her vehicle was left on a bridge, blah, blah, blah. Lou Grover raised Siobhan like a second daughter after taking her from the scene where her drug-addicted mother died. Seeing him weep over the whereabouts of the young woman who wanted to follow in his police footsteps was very moving.

Adam still comes through for his ‘Hawaii Five-O’ ‘ohana’

Captain Grover is beside himself to think that Siobhan is not only with a criminal, but also involved with someone that her guardian knows nothing about. Tani feels caught in the middle since her suggestion of confronting the cadet provoked the entire situation.

Siobhan is trying to muster all her training, she knocks herself over in the chair and scrapes her ropes to shreds on a sharp metal piece in a corner. She thinks she is free but is met by a gang of more hitmen outside the front door. They take her to where she is sure to be killed, but another phone call interrupts the imminent danger. Adam negotiates a “trade,” taking Endo to an isolated meeting point, and telling him to “keep walking,” no matter what.

Siobhan’s eyes speak everything as she and her captor pass one another.

Captain Grover arrives with “Hawaii Five-O” just as Siobhan runs into his arms. She is terrified, ragged, but still alive. Grover and Adam exchange a long glance without words.

The next morning, Danny questions Steve about still being suspicious of Adam after it was Adam’s intervention that spared Siobhan (even if it was his associations that provoked it). Danny also divulges that his house is ready for habitation again, but, of course, Steve encourages his partner to stay as long as he needs. Danny admits he does need to stay to keep Eddie from being lonely, and then the most- loved crime-fighters on “Hawaii Five-O” quibble over scrambled eggs before the credits roll.

It will be interesting to see how Adam walks the line between light and dark and crime and justice through the rest of Season 10, and there's still a very formidable black widow out there wanting to meet with McGarrett. Like Danny, there may be many fans who still believe that good triumphs over evil, even through the hurting and the hard times on “Hawaii Five-O.”