Last week’s “Hawaii Five-O” and ”Magnum P.I.” crossover collaboration was a delight as a New Year’s diversion, and long in the making, for executive producer Peter Lenkov. There was a lot for fans of both dramas to love and still plenty of distinctive hints for the future.

This week, the “Five-O” force is spread a little thin in Episode 13 of Season 10, Loa'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana (The Rat Was Caught Right in the Nest). Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) are united in a mission to solve a bullying situation for Charlie (Zach Sulzbach).

Tani (Meaghan Rath) holds down the fort at “Hawaii Five-O” headquarters, and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) chooses to take advantage of his wife's winning bid for a round of golf at the swanky course her husband has dreamed of being part of for ages.

Meanwhile, across the world, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) is meeting a long-time friend and contact in a Tokyo alleyway, seeking an introduction to the Tokyo syndicate crime boss. He is cautioned to be wary as he walks the streets because Kenji has men and eyes everywhere. Adam soon is caught in the snare and declares that he is willing to do anything to return to his underworld heritage again.

So much for sinking putts

Lou is just getting into his rhythm on the greens, being his jovial self, when a caddy cautions him about revealing that he is in “law enforcement.” Fans had to hearken back to Episode 3 of last season when the good Captain kept his caddy trudging through a sweltering day.

Just seconds later, the chief of security at the club Zev portrayed by Alon Aboutboul, known for many film and TV roles (including “The Dark Knight Rises” and “London Has Fallen”), summons Lou for help with an urgent matter. A club member is found frozen to death, from -200 temperatures, in a cryogenic chamber. Zev persistently and delicately stresses that great discretion has to be taken so as not to disturb or frighten the hoity-toity members.

This probably led to suspicion of Zev by some viewers, but he proves himself as one of the good guys. Lou quickly observes the dents made by the victim trying to free himself, and the tank handle being bent from being barred shut. This is clearly murder, and not for money in the usual way.

The victim, Chuck Seau, who was almost a permanent fixture on the premises.

He was known to carry wads of cash and lose nearly every bet but always settle up at the bar for some whiskey. He was not even a good cheat. Lou and Zev team up as partners on this case, and the first lead is to talk to a former Arizona pro turned fellow hustler, Raul Diaz, who now goes by Ed Ramirez (Rogelio T. Ramos). Diaz admits to hustling games but knows the victim too well to murder him. He describes that Chuck had a severe gambling problem.

Tani turns out to be the only team member at work, and she is emotional after a message from Junior that he is “wheels up” for his reserve training. He assures her that is ready to “pick up where we left off.” Lou calls her and asks for help in researching the deceased.

She does more than get details. She cracks the case.

Chuck's personal financials seem fine, but his business records reveal an international counterfeiting operation, with printing primarily from North Korea. Zev tracks club members to find any connection to the new leads, and Michael Mayfield (Paul Lacovara) turns up. As fate would have it, Lou met the fellow conspirator earlier in the day. Together, the two shysters had over $1.3 million hauled from their shady businesses by Duke (Dennis Chun) and the HPD.

Sometimes, it takes the older guys to corner a crook who runs. When Mayfield is confronted, he gives chase, and so does Lou, from his golf cart. Zev orders the sprinklers on at full power at the 17th hole to stop the perpetrator.

Luke presents him with his iron, the same one he used to lock Chuck in the tank.

Comfort and conflict resolution

Uncle Steve is there to support Danny and defend Charlie as the partners go to a meeting with the principal at his school (Victoria Platt). Danny goes defensive when he learns that his son is being bullied by another child, Blake Tatum, who is not just physical, but stealing Charlie's prized possessions-- on a regular basis. Steve insists that he is Danny's “emotional support friend.” The principal recommends that families directly talk and mediate these situations together, but no Tatum's turn up for the meeting.

Danny is despondent over the new information and insists that he and Steve track Blake’s dad, Luke (Coby McLaughlin).

Once they talk, Luke reveals that he and his wife are divorcing, and trying to keep Blake out of all the stress. He expresses genuine remorse for missing the meeting. Steve becomes Dr. McGarrett in this one, using all the right conflict resolution terms, and even talking about Danny's “love languages” which might be called obsessions. Steve says that if the dance can “walk through” coming to understanding, so can the kids. Later, Danny counsels Luke on the stages of grief, and never disparaging a mother in front of a child. The kids are caught up in playing with Eddie, and Danny tells Luke he's available “for a beer” anytime.

Far away in Japan, Adam can't seem to find a friend, but he is willing to sacrifice everything, for a still unknown, misunderstood motive.

Still a target in Tokyo

The scenes with Adam in Tokyo have a feel of marvelous suspense movie-making. Adding to the gripping tension is that every “Hawaii Five-O” fan is caught up in his profession that he wants to return to the ways of his family heritage, with Yakuza, and has forsaken his “Hawaii Five-O” allegiances. Deep down, diehard fans cannot be buying this ploy, but Adam knows he has to be completely committed and convincing to get this job done.

Adam reconnects with his old friend, Ariko (Alice Hannah) in the alley in the back of her “ladies’ establishment.” He asks if she still has the ear of the Tokyo boss, and further if she can make an introduction to him on behalf of Adam, in the name of Adam's father.

She says she can only try, and probes further, asking if Adam is sure about returning to the underworld life. He tells her that he has cut ties with “Five-O.” She warns Adam to be careful because Kenji has “faithful men” everywhere.

In a riveting marketplace scene that follows, Adam is pursued by two sets of unknowns. He darts into a makeshift construction zone, where materials are stored. He takes a breath, but in the same instant, a black hood comes over his head. He is next seen in the office of Riyo (Michael Hagiwara), the very boss he wanted to see. He implores that Kenji cannot be trusted, and is not worthy of his position or the crime family. Riyo consents to Adam’s requests but demands a condition.

Adam has to return to “Hawaii Five-O” and become the “eyes and ears” for the syndicate boss. When Adam notes that he will be Kenji's target again in the force, and put Tamiko in danger, he is assured that as long as he follows instructions, Kenji will be no problem.

The story arc is just getting started and will take this character, and “Hawaii Five-O” fans, to dark places, never seen, but possibly all for a noble purpose.