With "Avengers: Endgame," in the books, all eyes are turning towards Marvel and Disney Plus. It was recently revealed that Owen Wilson would be playing a role in the upcoming "Loki" series, alongside Tom Hiddleston. Disney is keeping a tight lip on his character and how he will play a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The upcoming "Loki," limited series will allow Hiddleston to reprise his role as Asgard's trickster god after he snagged the Tesseract in "Endgame."

News of Owen Wilson's casting is the latest non-Hiddleston casting announcement since Marvel Studios and Disney announced "Yesterday" star Sophia Di Martino would be joining the series.

"Rick and Morty," writer Michael Waldron was brought on board as showrunner and will be writing the pilot episode. Marvel Studios has brought on director Kate Herron to direct the six-episode first season.

'Loki' has started filming and is aiming for a spring 2021 release

Marvel Studios has confirmed that filming has started for "Loki," which is set to be released in spring 2021. "Loki" along with the other Marvel shows for Disney Plus will be produced by Kevin Feige. Kevin Feige has tapped Michael Waldron and Kate Herron as executive producers. Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige that "Loki" will be connected to the upcoming "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness."

Based on previous comments made by Kevin Feige, Owen Wilson's appearance in "Loki," makes him a part of the upcoming MCU and can appear in future films or future shows.

This makes it even more exciting to hear more about his casting and character news.

Disney has begun work on Marvel projects for streaming service

Disney has not publicly commented on Wilson's upcoming rule. It's unclear whether Wilson would be an ally of Loki or a villain on the series. Given Wilson's comedic background, it's highly likely he would find a comedic role alongside Hiddleston.

"Loki" is expected to deal with time travel. We don't know when or where Loki will meet Wilson's character in time. We hope fans will learn more about Loki as filming continues.

Along with "Loki," Disney Plus is currently working on several mini-series based on popular MCU characters. Other series include "Ms. Marvel," "Hawkeye," "Falcon and Winter Soldier," "She-Hulk," and "WandaVision." MCU executive Kevin Feige is executive producing all these shows.

Disney has shut down Marvel Television but will allow Jeph Loeb to wrap up current projects.

Fans will have to wait and see who Wilson portrays and how his work will carry through the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will probably be a while before Disney will make any official comments about Wilson's part in the MCU.