Hawaii Five-O” faithful are a rare breed of fans in the realm of TV Shows. First of all, their consistent and fervent support has made the current “Hawaii Five-O” reboot the most successful in television history. Secondly, the creative input from executive producer, Peter Lenkov, infuses the camaraderie and “ohana” connection within the task force with unexpected cases, while at the same time, respecting the history of the original landmark series.

Even the most diehard fans can lose patience, and for the past two weeks, revisited episodes of “Hawaii Five-O” have been called forth to satiate fans.

The police drama shoots one of the longest seasons in major network TV, usually running up to 25 episodes, so it's understandable why a pause in new episodes necessary.

Peeks from the upcoming January 31 Episode 14 of Season 10, "I ho'olulu, ho'ohulei 'ia e ka makani" (There Was a Lull, and Then the Wind Began to Blow About), per January 25 features in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and International Business Times give “Hawaii Five-O” devotees wonderful reasons to dial in after the extended break. An added bonus is that Peter Lenkov wrote the juicy episode and the direction is by Peter Weller, who had a hand in many beloved “Five-O” treasures over the decade.

Danny gets a dream fulfilled on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

It may seem as though Scott Caan has been especially scarce this far in Season 10 and longtime fans know that the essential actor negotiates fewer episode appearances into his contract with the drama to allow him to have time with family on the mainland and pursue his other interests in stage productions and other projects.

Being absent in the body doesn’t diminish being present in mind. in Hawaii Five-O” Episode 13, “Uncle Steve” McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) stepped in like a superhero, not only helping Charlie (Zach Sulzbach) work through his own situation of bullying, with the help of furry friend, Eddie, he guided his best friend and partner to a solution with no extreme measures necessary.

Danny offered some of his own wisdom to the father in the throes of an ugly divorce, urging him to never disparage the mother of his child.

Danny and “a very pretty lady” as he describes to Steve, seem off to a good start until a near-fatal car accident in the densely-forested island paradise. “Don't blow this very rare opportunity,” Steve urges in a video snippet. The preview synopsis describes that Steve recruits Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Quinn (Katrina Law) to assist him in the rescue. This should certainly be one of those brotherly-bonding storylines, with “girl power” coming to the fore again on “Hawaii Five-O.”

The Tani and Junior status is still in the air on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

There's nothing like a crash scene involving the person most likely to start a “cargument” to get Lt.

Commander McGarrett's blood pumping. Hormones were certainly starting to kick in between Tani and Junior ever since their wedding date in Season 9, but it took the nudging from Higgins (Perdita Weeks) in the “Magnum P.I.” crossover with “Hawaii Five-O to help Tani work up the courage to call the man for an actual date.

This "Hawaii Five-O" pair certainly prefers to let their bodies do the talking on the dance floor. Time will tell if they have the ties that bind for long-term love, but that’s another storyline adventure sure to advance through the rest of Season 10.

Fans should prepare for a new return to the old timeslot for ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Episode 14 will have “Hawaii Five-O” viewers rooting the rescue on at the 8 PM ET slot that started out the season, but no one should get cosy on the sofa for that hour.

The fourth season of “MacGyver” premieres on February 7, and the “Hawaii Five-O” heroes of law and order leap to their long-held 9 PM ET abode. Viewers should be right at home would as “Five-O” again makes the stuffing for the crime-fighting sandwich in CBS’ Friday night schedule.

A new episode with a touch of romance, a touch of the beloved “Hawaii Five-O” bromance, and a heroic rescue are sure to stir maximum enthusiasm. The only thing better would be to throw in a doggie element, and that comes, too. Eddie begins to show signs of PTSD, per the episode synopsis. The faithful canine won't face his challenge alone. Steve McGarrett never leaves any man down, and he will definitely see that his furry roommate gets the finest and most loving care ever provided to a courageous ally.

Fingernails and tissues should be at the ready.