It looks like "90 Day Fiancé" couple Zied and Rebecca are still going strong after she posted a cute picture with a sweet caption about him. The American posted Zied’s picture on her Instagram account. For the caption, she complimented her partner and told him that she misses him dearly. The fans were generally supportive in the comments section. Most of them wished that the two of them will be together soon.

Rebecca, Zied on '90 Day Fiancé'

Rebecca and Zied are among the "90 Day Fiancé" couples who are still together even after their season. The couple [VIDEO] became such a popular pairing online because of their unlikely backgrounds.

Rebecca is a 47-year old private investigator. She met the 26-year old Tunisian Zied in the online world. When they met, the two just came out of relationships. Rebecca had already separated from his Moroccan ex-husband while Zied is on the process of completing the divorce process in his country of origin.

Due to the long-distance nature of their relationship, Rebecca and Zied have lots of fights. But they seem to be determined to make their partnership work. In fact, she already has plans to move to Tunisia so they can live together. Cultural differences also proved to be a huge challenge for the two. Zied came from a more conservative background so he was surprised at his partner’s tattoos and revealing clothes.

Rebecca, who said that she just came out of a toxic relationship, did not appreciate the comments that Zied made.

Thankfully, Rebecca realized the effect her reaction had on fans. Right after that episode aired, she immediately posted a video apologizing for the things she said to Zied. Recently, Rebecca also pulled a prank on their fans.

She posted a clickbait-y post, seemingly implying that she and Zied are finally together. But it was just a photo of her in bed while covered with a blanket with Zied’s face on it.

Rebecca blasts fans for attempting to 'steal' Zied

Last year, Rebecca made headlines after she criticized some "90 Day Fiancé" fans for flirting with Zied.

According to Rebecca, some fans of the show were persistent in messaging Zied on his social media accounts. She called them out on it, even telling them to stop sending him their nude photos.

Most of the messages got sent when their season was still airing on TLC. This meant that she could not react on social media because they signed a non-disclosure agreement. It seems that Zied shared the messages to her as she claimed to have seen all the messages.

But now that people already know that they are still together, Rebecca wanted to make it clear to everyone that Zied is her man. The two seem to have that in mind constantly, considering how often they post pictures of each other on social media.