Oprah always knows how to make an entrance, and she always knows how to make an impact. The transformative queen of television took every opportunity and every minute of her visit with “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” on February 7 to be real and to give true-life takeaways.

It was already a miracle simply to see Hoda Kotb standing upright before taking the stage with Jenna Bush Hager on the first week of their Thursday and Friday shows. Kotb has met and interviewed hundreds of stars, cultural icons, and newsmakers through more than two decades with NBC, but she has never crossed paths with Oprah until this morning and the wait was worth it.

Last month, when Jenna Bush Hager sat with Oprah for a revealing chat in Fort Lauderdale at the kickoff to her 2020 Vision Tour, the “Today” co-host was completely overwhelmed by the “O” aura. She admitted that she talked about Oprah's “constantly” with her husband, Hank, and Jenna must have put a birdie in Oprah's ear to help “manifest” the actual encounter with Hoda so soon. On Monday, Jenna surprised Hoda with the news that Friday would be the day and Oprah did not disappoint.

Hoda gives Oprah a hug from the heart

Hoda Kotb was already brushing back tears immediately after Jenna Bush Hager announced Oprah’s name. When Kotb embraced the mentor in her long-awaited moment, it was obvious that she was savoring every sensation and never wanted to let go.

What was beyond tender was seeing Jenna Bush Hager motion for the two to sit together, even though Oprah preferred the chair on the end.

“This, this is what I wanted, to see this moment,” Hager gushed as Oprah and Kotb clasped hands and gazed at each other. The fourth-hour bond of “Today” friendship is thriving and well on “Hoda & Jenna & Friends.” It was palpably clear that Jenna loved fulfilling this dream for Kotb.

The famous descending tissue box, of “Today,” was necessary for Hoda and Jenna, and almost hit Oprah in the head. “It's cute,” she commented, not knowing its long history through the fourth-hour segment in morning TV Shows.

When Oprah questioned Kotb about why meeting her was so important, the co-anchor captured an answer in more beautiful words than even Winfrey could.

“I've seen you hold people's hearts in your hands, and do it in such a tender way,” Kotb spoke. Oprah was moved enough to get up from her chair and hug Hoda once more and friendship became a very personal topic for the ladies.

Oprah is there for her best friend, Gayle King

Hoda & Jenna & Friends” could not have had a more sincere premiere for the live audience venture. The studio made room for extra thousands of guests on Thursday, not to mention Friday’s throng. Hoda's fiancé, Joel Schiffman, cleared his schedule to support his betrothed from the front row, right next to Jenna's husband, Henry “Hank” Hager, and features on long friendships filled the debut morning.

Jenna and Hoda asked Oprah how her best friend, Gayle King, is doing in the wake of unanticipated backlash following an interview with WNBA star, Lisa Leslie, relating to her memories of Kobe Bryant.

King was shocked and taken aback when what she alleges as a “poorly edited” clip of the interview seeming to have a focus solely on past rape allegations involving Bryant. CBS has since issued a statement defending King’s “wide-ranging” interview and relating that “internal investigation” regarding the clip is underway.

“She's not doing well, may I say, she's not doing well,” Oprah described, choking back emotion. She elaborated that her best friend feels “attacked” and now has to travel with security following threats to her life. “She hasn't slept in two days. I was on the phone with her two days ago, and last night, and again this morning,” Oprah related of her support.

She insisted that “to be there” is the best gift any friend can give, and that with true friends, “there's no difference” in a friend being hurt or yourself.

Gayle King was away from her anchor spot this morning on "CBS This Morning,"

“I told my mom [that] you're my best friend,” Jenna Bush Hager gushed to Oprah. “Does she know that?” came the next question from former first lady, Laura Bush.

When Oprah later offered glowing praise, saying that “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” should be live every day, and she especially liked the commercial break fun with the audience, Hager and Kotb beamed with big smiles. When Oprah said that she watched the debut show, Jenna declared: “You ARE my best friend!” The guest gave a trademark “Yes!” and cuddled even closer with the co-hosts.

‘Hoda & Jenna & Friends’ had a very full hour with Oprah

One of the reasons why Oprah had such fun with Hoda and Jenna is her affinity with real people living real lives.

When asked by an audience member who was the person who most influenced her, the ambassador for health, wellness, and human potential answered that it was not a celebrity or other notable person, it was two children, “two redheaded kids,” on her stage who couldn't comprehend why their mother wasn't there after divorce. She also reflected on a woman surviving domestic abuse. “These people live with me all the time,” she insisted.

Much of the discussion was on wholeness and health, not unattainable ideals or numbers on a scale. Two long-distance friends and mentors who supported one another on their health journeys were united on the show, celebrating transformed self-images beyond trimmed bodies.

With the humor that made her welcome in millions of living rooms, Oprah asked for a show of hands of how many people “want a man.” She declared that such a request was not correct, because “Do you want kindness? Do you want support? Do you want humor?” are the more important questions, not “someone carrying a penis.”

Oprah’s enduring relationship with Maya Angelou is well known, and she also includes “Today’s” Maria Shriver and director-filmmaker, Ava DuVernay in her closest circle of friends.

She also listed “loyal” as Stedman Graham’s best characteristic. No matter what she makes him, he always deems it “the best ever” at their table. A favorite night for the couple translates into staying in and having black-eyed peas and hot water cornbread.

The dishes sound perfectly suited for the lady from Mississippi who loves authors, reading and making a real difference in the world. Oprah left the audience in attendance and at home, as well as the co-hosts, healthier, happier, and more whole on “Hoda & Jenna & Friends.”