"90 Day Fiance" fan pages and bloggers abound on Instagram. But, John Yates, who calls himself "Johhny from The Block" on his Twitter profile's been around for years. Over time, he also attracted a lot of fans among the cast itself. However, unfortunately, he also got a lot of hate from some stars of the TLC show, and it got ugly in the past. Rebuilding after his verified Instagram account got taken down, he seemed to be doing well again. But suddenly, he went absent. Fans, worried, plead for something from him as they need to know if he's okay.

John Yates, popular with '90 Day Fiance' fans goes silent on his social media platforms

As a writer about "90 Day Fiance," I often use John Yates' interviews and insider tips as the basis for my articles, as do many others. Many cast members also enjoy the way John treats their stories on his Instagram. But, like anyone in the public eye, he also accumulated haters. Several fans on his Instagram account suggested that maybe something nasty going down behind the scenes made John just stop sharing for a while.

John currently runs two Instagram accounts. His @johnyatesofficial account attracted 14k followers. He last posted there on January 25. On that post, after many fans asked John where he is and sent their hopes that he's okay, one fan noted something to take into account.

They wrote, "I miss his posts and insider live interviews but after watching how some people have targeted him, I understand him leaving."

More popular account by '90 Day Fiance' blogger sees more questions by fans

Meanwhile, John's @johnyates327tv account gathered 45k followers. It might not sound like a lot, but recall he started his social media all over again after things got nasty a few years ago.

Over there, he last shared something there on December 29. It was a screenshot of verified "90 Day Fiance" cast member Larissa Lima asking fans to follow him. She said, "Please follow my friend and blogger...he's been by my side since day 1." Notably, though, fans noticed that some posts since then got deleted.

Here's what some fans said to John after they noticed his absence:

  • "Hope all is well @johnyates327tv. Miss your posts!"
  • "Wait what happened to all the other posts?"
  • "Hope nothing bad going with John as he's been quiet these days."
  • "Are you coming back @johnyates327tv."
  • "Does anyone know what happened to John or the new show Hot and a Heavy?"

One fan noted, "I will take it as some crazy fans of the show were being bullies.

Hope to have you back soon."

John quiet about '90 Day Fiance' on YouTube, Twitter as well

Over on Youtube, "90 Day Fiance" star, Deavan Clegg's last interview's up there. That's dated December 29, as well. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the last post that John shared was dated January 25. He wrote, "Even @RealRonnieMagro from the #JerseyShore loves #90DayFiance!" On the same day, he also lamented Vicki Gunvalson leaving Bravo's "Real Housewives of Orange County."

As far as we can make out, John Yates is alive.

On his John Yates official account, under the embed above, we noted that a week ago he replied to a fan. They asked him, "haven't seen you go live lately. Missing you and Cody." John replied. "working our asses off." Well, maybe he's working hard in the bar. But, for now, saddened fans can maybe stop worrying that something terrible happened to him. Maybe he just felt he needs a break from social media hate.

What do you think about "90 Day Fiance" blogger John Yates disappearing from social media? Do you feel worried about him? And, do you miss his insider tips and often accurate insider info?

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