The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member has been put on the hot seat by her followers. The mother of one, who is married to Russ on the "90 Day Fiancé" show, has been showing off her healthy body a lot, recently. She has also been advertising a lot of brands for a healthy body on her Instagram account.

While her husband was busy posting a video of himself on his Instagram, Paola took to her Instagram to post a photo on February 12, 2020. The picture was a mirror selfie, revealing what many fans felt was too much cleavage.

The reality star said in her caption that her followers should be happy with what they had while they worked for what they wanted.

She ended by saying that she was pleased with the little changes in her body.

Fans comment on Paola Mayfield post

There were positive comments. One of Paola's fans said that he always loved watching Paola from the beginning of the TLC show because of her fitness journey. He also noted that Paola inspired him to be a healthy person.

Another one begged her to come to Tampa to train her because she felt she was a fantastic fitness trainer.

One of her followers said that Paola looked fantastic. The follower continued by saying that she would feel better about herself if she looked like a "90 Day Fiancé" cast member, Paola Mayfield.

Paola offered her help by telling her to check out her fitness website for programs.

A fan shared her story by saying that she had lost close to 64 pounds just by seeing what Paola does. She noted that it was okay for a mother to look beautiful. She thanked the reality star for her motivation, and Paola replied immediately, saying thank you.

The negative comments on Paola Mayfield photos

There were also a lot of negative comments on Paola's photos.

One follower asked Paola why she always posted half-naked pictures on social media, and the follower said that she wanted a straight, and Paola told that it was because she woke up that way.

Another follower slammed Paola, saying that she used to like the TLC cast member on the show until she started following her on Instagram.

She said that she was tired of seeing Paola post photos that exposed her body parts because it made her look like she was searching for attention. She also told Paola that she did not have to post such photos every day to prove to anyone that she does work out. She ended by reminding the "90 Day Fiancé" star that she was a mother, wife, and a fantastic person, and she should have self-respect.

Paola's husband has never seemed to worry about the photos that she uploads on social media. In fact, in his recent video, he asks fans to tell him to admire his good looks.

Paola replied to the comment, saying that she was a fitness trainer, and all the photos she posted were a way to advertise her profession.

Another fan said that Paola did not need to post pictures of her body every day. The follower said that some mothers had a fulltime job and a baby to take care of, so they did not have time to take care of themselves. The fan asked Paola to post something exciting and not the photos that exposed her body parts.

Paola replied to the comment, saying that she worked every day and still did workouts. She said that she cooked for her husband and took care of her baby even at midnight while she created programs for her clients every day. She ended by telling the fan that there were twenty-four hours for everyone, and the fan should not dare to say to her that she did not work hard.