After appearing on "90 Day Fiancé," most reality stars are grateful for the opportunity. Some go on to achieve more success in the television industry. Some couples get to live happily ever after once their time on the show ends. However, other couples end up regretting their appearance on the show. One reality star spoke out about his stint on the show, expressing regret over how it ended.

Former cast member Jay Smith appeared on the show with his then-wife Ashley Smith. The couple had a tumultuous relationship on the program which ended in divorce.

They had a messy breakup which resulted in Ashley filing a protection order, for abuse, which her Jamaican ex-partner violated. Smith ended up serving time in jail after which the 22-year-old reality star was released on probation. He has successfully navigated the probation period and recently spoke about his time on the show.

Ashley and Jay's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

In an interview with In Touch magazine, Smith says he did not enjoy being on the show. He revealed that it was Ashley’s idea to appear on the TLC reality program and that he only agreed to go along once he saw that she was interested. The couple clashed on several occasions on the show. One significant moment that stood out was Ashley’s accusation that he was using a secret Tinder profile to flirt with other women.

The incident happened one week after their marriage. With the couple going through constant drama, Smith now says that producers staged some of their arguments to boost ratings. However, he admits that the couple went through some truly difficult issues in their relationship.

Relationship problems

Jay Smith added that he did not like how the show portrayed him as the problem in the relationship.

However, he chose to go along with the gimmick to protect Ashley’s children from further scrutiny. The 22-year-old revealed that he made the decision because he is yet to have kids of his own. After completing his probation, the Jamaican reality star is looking forward to moving on from his time on the show and his toxic relationship with Ashley.

He expressed relief at completing his probation without any major incidents, saying that his probation officer had wished him all well and encouraged him to get back on television.

His ex-wife has since moved on, though she had put up a post, prior to New Year’s Eve, saying that she still had feelings for Smith. However, now that he has completed his probation, Ashley wants her former man to move on and forget about the past. “I hope he moves on with his life to more productive things, instead of finding new ways to justify his past transgressions.” Let us know what you think about Jay Smith, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."