"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" brings Geoffrey Paschel. Blasting News reported that he currently deals with "charges of alleged domestic abuse." Plus, he appears in "court in March according to Fox News." The Daily Mail also ran the news. Since then, he faced tremendous backlash on social media. But, for Geoffrey, the frustration is that he can't even respond to it. He simply can't talk while the case is ongoing. So, for now, he just has to take it and can't speak in his own defense.

Geoffrey takes to Instagram to talk to '90 Day Fiance' fans about haters

Taking to his Instagram on Tuesday night, Geoffrey lamented that many tabloids produce "clickbait" stories about him because of the court case. He noted, "I hear and see what is being said out there and it affects me tremendously." As he notes, some information is being "twisted." Despite wishing he could respond and speak up, he can't. Geoffrey explained, "I promise to enlighten when I can and the present is not the time."

At the same time, the newcomer to "90 Day Fiance" understands the hate and the terrible things being said about him. He noted that "emotions are high." Plus, he realizes that they are "rightly so." After all, he knows that readers see "clickbait" articles "sold as truth." For Geoffrey, he wouldn't mind it so much if these stories were actually the "truth." In fact, he said, "I am fine with the truth." However, as far as he's concerned, the truth is not yet out.

He needs a "just outcome." So, for now, he simply can't respond much.

Geoffrey says he'll talk when he can about the charges against him

As he notes, it's not easy being patient while all the hate goes on.

He describes it as a "bitter" time. But he also promised that at the end of it all, he'll "enlighten" everyone. It seems he's confident the outcome of the charges will go his way and told fans. "Stay tuned peeps...the best is yet to come." While many haters slam him, the fact is that in the USA, any charges alleged don't make a person instantly guilty.

The whole point of the justice system is that everyone presents their side of the story.

The Daily Mail originally ran the story, noting the ex-girlfriend claimed that he "slammed her head" on the floor. She also claims that he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her. While "90 Day Fiance" star Geoffrey ended up arrested, the fact is that he is still presumed innocent. So far, fans only hear what one person says about the incident. He seems confident that he's not guilty.

Fans react to Geoffrey's post on Instagram

Despite all the negative media and the outcry against TLC featuring him on the show, Geoffrey gathered some fans. One responded with, "I...realize that life is not so black-and-white and that’s probably half of the story.

I think everybody lives&learns. None of us are perfect. We all have a past." Another one noted, "I bet it is a small portion. I will tell you the truth when I read some of it The first thing I thought was-this is BS. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone."

What do you think about the frustration that "90 Day Fiance" star Geoffrey Paschell must be going through right now? He's still innocent in eyes of the law. And, he can't actually say much in his defense as the court case is still ongoing. Sound off your thoughts in the comments section.

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