The cozy, jolly foursome on the “3rd Hour of Today” was as upbeat as ever for their December 30 broadcast, but still didn't mind sharing a few things that bothered them, either. Perhaps the constant flow end flurry of holiday guests and open doors were becoming a bit tiresome for the bubbly bunch of the “3rd Hour of Today,” just like it feels for millions of viewers who don't clock into work at 3:20 AM.

Everyone is familiar with how Benjamin Franklin equated fish and houseguests as stinking after three days, and even the topic of fish came up this morning.

Some new workplace trends instantly took the thumbs- down from those in the “Today” studio. The decidedly honest Sheinelle Jones kept it real with a story that will curl some toes.

A great reason to wear socks

The mood of the morning began with gratitude across the board for Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer. The senior member of the broadcasting coffee klatch, Al Roker, started by declaring that “a healthy, happy family is everything.” Craig Melvin concurred, adding that to see his young children happy was just as important as having them in good health. Dylan Dreyer, of course, expressed being constantly thankful for her son, Calvin, 3, with husband, Brian Fichera, and the blessing of being about to give birth to his sibling, a baby brother, after their struggle with secondary infertility.

Sheinelle Jones keeps her family’s focus on gratitude in several ways. She recently revealed that she and her husband have a few minutes in prayer every morning, and the whole family participates in having a “gratitude jar” by writing down things each family member feels thankful for and reading them at the end of each week.

When it comes to being barefoot at work, however, Sheinelle Jones draws a hard line and has an airport horror story to back it up.

The topic of a new trend from Silicon Valley was introduced by Craig and Al. Bosses in many successful startup companies are promoting “shoeless days” in the workplace, suggesting that the practice from their childhoods might promote creativity and relaxation, prompting more productivity on the job.

Most of the “3rd Hour Today” crew manage to pull together runway looks by airtime every day, so it's not surprising that they didn't wholeheartedly endorse sans shoe attire. Sheinelle, however, shared a summertime airport experience that sent Craig into hysterics and her other co-hosts shopping for socks.

Jones related one summer of being in the harried lines of passengers removing shoes for required screenings. A gentleman just ahead of the mom of three removed his socks, revealing scaly, flaky bits that shed from his feet. Sheinelle is extremely germ-conscious, even from those she sits beside every morning. She begged the screening agent to let her put her feet anywhere but on the same prescribed outlines where the residue had been left.

Sadly for Sheinelle Jones, her appeal fell on deaf ears, and she had to place her bare feet (due to wearing only sandals) on the exact marked outlines.

Pleas for proper etiquette

Al Roker couldn't resist diving right into that opening and directing that Jones should have opted for full footwear, with socks and shoes. He even played the plane exit scene from “Die Hard” to deliver his point in full.

When it came to proper table manners at a gathering of good friends or family, however, the “3rd Hour of Today” was quickly in one accord to keep politeness a New Year's priority.

Accepted etiquette requires that everyone wait until all the guests have arrived before eating unless the late-arrivers have granted permission. Talking on speakerphone was deemed completely rude and accepting or making any call should be done away from the table.

Heating holiday leftovers, especially fish, is not cool in the staff lounge at work, either. Dylan Dreyer discovered that making salmon at home can be a hazard.

Minding certain P’s and Q’s applies to any season or year and even to the seasoned professionals on the “3rd Hour of Today.” Everyone has peculiar quirks, but a touch of kindness always works.