"Teen Mom 2" fans know that Jenelle Evans split from David Eason and filed for divorce late last year. Since then, she and David sniped at each other a lot. She's now in Tennessee with the kids, and David remains on "The Land" with his daughter, Maryssa. Jenelle always referred to their homestead in North Carolina as the "The Land." But David just shared a photo of him in Washington DC. After making much ado about removing his ring, fans grew confused when they saw it on his finger in the photo.

Fans of 'Teen Mom 2' wonder what's going on with David Eason wearing his ring

Blasting News reported in late November, that "Jenelle Evans and David Eason are taking jabs at one another on Facebook weeks after the former "Teen Mom 2" cast member shared plans to divorce Eason." The stabbing at each other continued for weeks across Instagram and Twitter. David Eason, who managed to revive his old Instagram account, even suggested that when his home got broken into, that Jenelle might be behind it, fans thought. He said, “that woman” tried to "ruin the holiday season."

ET reported in early November, that David made much drama about removing his wedding ring. In fact, he shared about it on Instagram Stories, they reported.

He showed himself taking it off, and then "Teen Mom 2" alum wrote, "I guess I can take this off now." And, he mentioned that the callus underneath would "take some time" to heal. So, it's no wonder fans grew a bit confused now he shared a photo showing him with the ring clearly on his finger.

David shares a photo of himself wearing ring, confuses 'Teen Mom 2' fans

On Saturday, December 4, David Eason shared a photo of him in Washington DC. He captioned it with, "Love taking trips to D.C.! Can't wait to go back, ride some scooters to the bar ." As you can see, he wrote it in the present tense. It looks like he's actually there and looking forward to returning to "The Land." As he stands with his hands on his hips, it's easy to see his wedding ring on his hand in the post.

So, confused fans just don't know what's going on. In fact, many of them asked why he's wearing his ring.

It doesn't help that Jenelle shared a short clip to Snap Chat either. One fan commented, "jenelle posted a video on Snapchat with his oldest daughter pushing around they're baby daughter on a toy. Im confused are they together? (sic)" But, other "Teen Mom 2" fans noted it's probably is an old video. And, clearly, some of them think the video by Jenelle showed her daughter Ensley as being much younger.

Last year, David and Jenelle went to Washington

Some fans said in the comments that Jenelle and David went to Washington last year. So, it's probably an old picture. And, other people who live there said the clothes he's wearing seem off for the winter season.

While it's a bit warmer than normal for this time of the year, nobody's wandering around in tee-shirts.

One "Teen Mom 2" fan said, "To all you cray crays mentioning him wearing his wedding band, did it ever occur to you that this is a old picture? Since you want to focus on the details of the picture.... have you ever been to DC in January, i can promise you the trees are NOT full of green leaves, the grass is NOT lush and green and you probably won’t be walking around in a short sleeve t-shirt without a coat."

That's a very good point. What do you think about fans getting confused by David Eason showing a photo of him wearing a ring in Washington? Were you confused? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section.

David does not allow embedding of his posts, but you can easily find him on Instagram by searching for @easondavid88 on the site.

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