Pop culture and entertainment news site Collider is pulling the plug on several of its popular shows featured on their YouTube channel. Among those canceled include: "Movie Talk,'" "Collider Live," "Jedi Council," and "Heroes." Collider broke the news to the public on Twitter. The company has ceased production on all four shows. Collider CEO Marc Fernandez offered a statement thanking the fans and those who put the shows together.

Collider evolving for 2020 and beyond with new video content

Fernandez said they are turning towards more high-quality scripted and unscripted shows.

They will also focus on celebrity-driven segments. Fernandez says their content moves on from film and television commentary. They will instead focus on "Comic Book Shopping," and "The Deepfake Saga." Many believe that "The Deepfake Saga," will not last.

It's unclear whether any employees within the video department will be laid off. The company has said they will continue reporting on the entertainment news with original content and exclusive interviews. They will keep working with Collider Video and Collider Games. The last episode of "Jedi Council," reviewed "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." The last "Movie Talk" episode was released on Jan. 1., while "Heroes" previous episode was on New Year's Eve.

Past and present Collider personalities speak out about shocking cancellations

Collider personalities have spoken out about the situation. Former Collider host John Campea understands that it was a business decision, but it is disgusted that there was no advanced warning to employees about Collider shutting down video shows.

Collider Live host Roxi hosted a live stream on YouTube to discuss the shocking news and her feelings. Roxi said that she appreciates what Fernandez has done for her and others at Collider. She also accepts that it was a business decision, and therefore you can't point the finger at a single person. Others on social media have said they believe this is the end of Collider.

Employees were only told a mere hours before the general public found out on social media. This led to some anger aimed at CEO Fernandez. Fernandez acknowledges the popular content that has driven Collider on YouTube.They have become one of the most popular entertainment news sites and have created some amazing content. Collider's YouTube channel started out just sharing movie trailers and has since become popular with their in-depth movie reviews and news. At the end of the day, it's all about the money. According to some, the cost of these shows fell to some of the talents, some appeared on Collider for free, while others were being paid a salary.