Dolly Parton fans were stunned to hear the news that Dolly's husband of 50 years Carl Dean has been spotted out publicly for the first time in more than forty years. According to The Blast reports Dean and Dolly have had a very peculiar relationship, one that has kept them happily married for five-plus decades.

Dolly Parton dishes on secrets to happy marriage

Dolly Parton has always been the outgoing one, always bubbly and energetic and appears to be up for anything. However, there has always lurked a deeper more secretive side, especially when it comes to her marriage to Carl Dean.

Carl and Dolly have been married since 1966, and more times than not Dolly has been forced to answer questions about her "invisible man" husband.

Lots of time apart is key claims Parton

Parton has explained over the years that Carl is just not a social person and prefers seclusion and privacy of their beautiful Tennessee property. Parton goes on to explain their relationship, claiming that she and Carl have exactly the type of marriage that works best for them. Parton disclosed that they even have their own homes on the beautiful Tennessee property.

"Carl is a reclusive" claims Dolly. "He only leaves the property when he feels it is necessary. So how do so much privacy and a difference in lifestyle affect the couple?

It really doesn't seem to. Dolly claims that she is very protective of Carl Dean. She also describes their relationship as very "open" but not in a physical way.

In December Carl Dean shocked un-expecting fans when he left the confines of the family estate. The 77-year-old was accompanied by his personal assistant. Dean was caught by photographers for the first time in four decades.

Dressed in jeans, a casual shirt, and coat. Dean made his way at a slow trek while running errands near the family home.

Sources close to the Parton family allegedly stated that Dean and Dolly are really as different as night and day. The couple first met in 1964 at a laundromat marrying two years later in a simple ceremony only attended by Dolly's mom and the pastor's wife.

Despite decades together Parton admits that husband Carl Dean has only seen her perform live only once, calling him her biggest fan and supporter.

When asked about her secret to a long and happy marriage, Dolly laughs and claims "To stay gone! And there is a lot of truth to that. I travel a lot and when we are together we really do enjoy each other and all the little things," Obviously, Dolly Parton and Carl Dean have found the special marriage formula that works for them, so if it is not broke, there is no need for repairs.

Dolly Parton has always been one of the most cheery and chipper women in country music. When Dolly is not busy on the road entertaining her millions of fans worldwide. She can often be found working hard with her favorite charity The Dollywood Foundation.