Rod Stewart calls it as he sees it, even when it comes to music icons like Elton John. The "Tonight's the Night" hitmaker recently called out the "Rocket Man" singer, calling his retirement tour "dishonest."

Rod Stewart claims Elton John retirement tour is about selling tickets

The outspoken Rod Stewart also believes Elton John's so-called final tour is just a ploy to sell more tickets. Stewart (who recently made an appearance on Andy Cohen's show "Watch What Happens Live") did not sugarcoat his words after a fan called in asking his thoughts on Elton's tour.

Stewart stated that after hearing the news, he shot out a quick email to Elton, writing: "What, again dear?'” the rocker said, poking fun at his pal of 50 years. “And I didn’t hear anything back.”

Rod Stewart won't retire, will 'fade away'

Rod, 73, claims that when the day comes that he decides to retire, he will just retire -- no thrills, big announcements, or final shows. "I’ll just fade away,” Stewart said. “I don’t think this big deal, ‘I’m going to retire’ – it stinks of selling tickets…it’s dishonest. It’s not rock and roll.”

Elton John, 70, announced in January that he had plans to retire, but not before playing out a 300-stop tour. John claims he wanted to end his road life with a bang.

He also added that this does not mean he will not be making more music. He has plans to keep recording new albums, he just won't be promoting them on the road anymore.

This retirement announcement, though a joke to Rod Stewart, might be a good idea for Elton John, who made headlines this year for being cranky toward fans attending his live performances.

As previously reported, John's mother recently died, leaving Elton out of her will, and leaving a lot of cash to his former assistant, whom he had a falling out with years ago.

Stewart mentioned John's recent run-in with an aggressive fan that set him off during a show in Las Vegas recently. Elton stormed off the stage after a fan invited on stage began touching his piano while he was playing.

Despite John telling the fan to "f*** off" a number of times, the fan continued, forcing Elton to get up, walk away from the piano, and off the stage mid-song. Rod admitted that he also loves interacting with fans on stage, however, he could see Elton's side on this one. Despite Rod's somewhat snarky remarks, he revealed that he and Elton have always been -- and will remain -- good-natured rivals.

Rod Stewart even revealed how many times he has reached out to Elton in hopes of sharing the stage with him, however, John wants nothing to do with it. Rod jokingly stated that it was because he can still dance on the stage, while Elton prefers the stationary piano seat -- saying that it would be too much competition between them.

Oddly enough, Rod Stewart and Elton John are not the only singers over retirement age to still be taking the stage for live performances in 2018. Willie Nelson, 84, Tina Turner, 78, Neil Young, 72, Steven Tyler, 69, and Mick Jagger, 74, are among the list of lively singers still selling out massive stadiums.

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