The celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin recently spoke to E! News about his new product. Daniel was the make up artist behind Meghan Markle's flawless makeup on her wedding day in 2018.

Martin said that 2020 is going to be all about being ourselves and taking good care of our skin.

What the makeup artist is most excited about is the upcoming awards season especially concerning his recently launched products.

Martin stated that many of his celebrity friends like Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Moss, Jessica Biel, Michelle Yeoh already love his products.

Daniel Martin Launches Tatcha's Serum Stick

Daniel called the product Tatcha's Serum Stick.

The makeup artist expresses much confidence in the Serum Stick, saying that he knows that it would be excellent as it would recondition your skin and complement any makeup.

The product is made with eighty percent Squalene, and Japanese lemon balm. it also contains zero water, which means there would be no bacteria.

Vicky Tsai, the founder of Tatcha, called it "Chapstick for the face." The benefits are impressive as it controls dryness of the face, fights aging, and keeps the makeup flawless all day.

E! News interviewed Martin on his new product Tatcha's Serum Stick

The celebrity makeup artist did not hold back any information on how to use his products.

He told us how to glow and look as good as his celebrity clients.

Daniel Martin reveals ways to use the Tatcha's Serum Stick.

When Martin was asked tips for those intimidated by the Serum, he replied saying that the Serum is like a magic wand that prevents your makeup from being cakey because it restores moisture to your face.

According to E! News, Daniel Martin was further asked if he has put Tatcha's into his make up kit for his clients.

He replied, saying that Elizabeth Noss used it for Gotham Awards, and she's in Hawaii now. He said that Tatcha's Serum Stick was her number one product because she doesn't apply much to her face

What Daniel Martin says would happen with makeup in 2020

The Meghan Markle makeup artist said that 2020 would be a year of experimenting with colors when it came to makeup.

Some trends are fading away, like the monochromatic look. People are beginning to care more about their skin now, and the makeup sales are beginning to fall while skincare sales continue to rise because of all the damage makeup causes to the skin.

According to Bustle, Daniel was also tasked to create three very affordable looks at Nyma Tangs, and he did a perfect job at it because he was only allowed to use products from CVs.

When Daniel was asked how he felt to be part of the people who influenced minimal makeup after he did it on Meghan Markle at her wedding, the star replied, saying that he is happy to be part of influencing such. He was saying that he loves it when people take good care of their skin and go for natural makeup.

The artist continued saying that makeup shouldn't hide your freckles. He stated that one should take good care of their skin first before the makeup he did on Megan would work for them.

Daniel said that he had learned a lot from his celebrity clients. Michelle Yeoh had taught him skincare routine because of how consistent she is when it came to taking care of her skin.

Jessica Alba had taught him so many helpful tricks that she does on her lashes.

Daniel said that he is excited to be working with Elizabeth Moss for 2020 SAG Awards and 2020 Independent Spirit Award.

He also said that he couldn't wait to work with Lizzy because she has a beautiful, fair canvas.

He said that Zendaya slays every red carpet.

He also mentioned Gwendoline Christie. He also said that seeing her on Critic's Choice Award would be good because she has a fantastic style aside from what fans see on "Game of Thrones".

Daniel Martin says that Meghan Markle opened more opportunities for him

Daniel expressed gratitude, saying that after the makeup he did for Meghan, a lot of opportunities have been knocking on his door. Working with Jessica Alba on her "Honey Beauty" brand has also been great for Daniel.