A photo was released of Harry and Meghan's Christmas E-Card on December 23, 2019, and the picture might be photoshopped.

Meghan Markle's photo looks to be photoshopped in a Christmas E-card. Her picture appears to be more in focus in the image than Prince Harry despite both of them being roughly in the same position as each other behind Archie.

What did people tweet about the Harry and Meghan Christmas E-card?

A lot of people on social media discussed Harry and Meghan's picture to find out if it was photoshopped. Someone tweeted, "Lovely to see Archie, but the Sussex picture looks weirdly photo-shopped.

Meghan's head, Harry's shoulder strange."

Someone tweeted, " This is quite possibly the worst photoshopped picture I have ever seen, And again the black and white - they are a very district reason for that - earlier to hide the lines! Why is it on their IG yet? Why is Archie such a secret if he does, fact, exist?"

Someone tweeted that the Christmas E-Card is the worst he had ever seen, and it is black and white.

Why people think the pic is photoshopped

The picture shows that Harry and Meghan were sitting by a Christmas tree as 7-month-old Archie slotted into the camera in the foreground.

Also, there are shadows on Meghan's face; this shows that it was maybe later added to her body.

It seemed like the image of her face was taken from a previous photo of the same shot, and added onto the picture that was posted. Harry and Meghan are parallel on the photograph, so if Megan is in focus, Harry should also be in focus.

They are close to each other, and this is what makes people who see the image, think she's photoshopped into the photo.

According to The Daily Mail UK, Archie's face also seems to be photoshopped; There are two lights on his face. In his left pupil, there are are two reflections. If you look at the hairline at the left of Meghan, you can't see her hairline, but her face is shown clearly.

That's another reason people think the picture is photoshopped. Her face is out of focus because it could be added from another picture, or it would be out of focus.

The card was not officially released by any official Royal social media or website and is believed to be published on an unofficial Twitter page called The Queen Common Wealth Trust. The Image was first shared as a moving gif image, with the lights on the Christmas tree twinkling. The tweet said: "Just sharing the sweetest Christmas Card from our President and Vice-President, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Very Merry Christmas, everyone!".

People believe that the image was emailed to friends and the staff on Monday, and some copies were sent to the family. Harry and Meghan are now spending six weeks in Canada in this festive period. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were formally pictured together when Meghan joined her then-boyfriend at the 2017 Invictus games in Canada.

The Sussexes are thought to be in Canada over the Christmas period. It was revealed that the Duchess of Sussex would not be joining the queen and the other members of the Royal family at Sandringham on Christmas day, as they are taking a break.