The rumors are flying that Mama June Shannon is going to get another spin-off. Fans were sad when her show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was canceled, but then she got the show "Mama June: From Not To Hot." Now it sounds like another show from the famous family is coming.

What would this new show with be about?

The Hollywood Gossip shared the details about this alleged show that could be happening. June sure has changed over the last few months since she had weight loss surgery and lost a ton of weight. She doesn't have a reality show right now, so it sounds like it is time for a new one.

Mama June had several surgeries during her last show and looks amazing. Now, she is moving on to something new.

So this new show has been talked about for a while, but now it sounds like it could become a reality. This show would be another weight loss show, but would not be about June losing weight because she has already done that herself. Instead, this new show would be about her daughters losing weight. It would focus on Alana and Pumpkin trying to take the weight off. This could be really difficult considering neither one has acted like they are interested in the idea.

Will this show become a reality?

A source says that they have already started filming this show. The source revealed saying, "“The girls are up for it, because the show will be all about them, and they’ll have their own big paydays." The source also revealed that neither one of the girls will be doing any kind of weight loss for this show.

It will be all about doing it naturally and not the same way that Mama June Shannon did it. Since the girls are so young, this would make sense. It would be interesting if they brought in the same trainer that June used to work with them because the girls really did get along with him great.

The insider also said that June would love to have other reality shows if it ends up working out.

The fans are going to just have to wait and see what happens. A lot of people really enjoyed seeing the family back on television again and if they can continue to bring in ratings, then you know someone will continue to put them on television.

Are you excited about the idea of another show with Mama June Shannon and her family?

Do you think that it would be a hit? If you notice that Alana and Pumpkin aren't being seen out in public, that would be a pretty big clue that this show is happening. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and hopefully, news will come out soon about this show.