After a tearful goodbye at the airport a couple of episodes ago, Anna and Mursel’s relationship appeared over. Mursel returned to Turkey at the behest of his parents after he finally told them about Anna’s three children. Their adorable relationship which started after they met on Facebook seemed to finally end. Fans felt sorry for Anna after she had tried her best to convince him to stay.

Mursel and Anna back together

However, it turns out the couple will get married after all. According to Mursel, his mother felt sorry for him and his parents eventually changed their minds, reports Yahoo.

They gave their son permission to pursue his relationship with Anna. The couple is now back together, and the two still plan to have a wedding. They will have to navigate some tricky situations before celebrating their romantic reunion.

Anna’s son isn’t happy with Mursel

The first challenge for the couple could be convincing Anna’s three children to let Mursel back into their lives. Joey, Gino, and Leno witnessed firsthand their mother’s dramatic relationship with her Turkish boyfriend. While her younger sons, Gino and Leno seemed to warm up to the idea of their mother getting back with Mursel, Joey isn’t too pleased. Anna’s eldest son is not yet ready to let him back into their lives. The teenager said he would not attend their wedding.

He also told the TLC production crew that he thought his mother was making a huge mistake. Joey was not happy about the breakup and he did not like how Mursel treated his mother. Anna had a talk with her son, explaining that she still loved her boyfriend and that she would appreciate Joey’s support, even if he did not like him.

Despite the talk, Joey did not seem too excited about the wedding.

Mursel will only have six hours before his visa expires

Another test awaiting the couple is Mursel’s expiring K-1 visa. The Turkish international is lucky to be going back to the United States. His visa got approved after the Immigration Department issued a waiver.

When Anna looked up how many times such waivers have succeeded, she found out that the last successful application was ten years ago. Despite their good luck, the couple is not yet out of the woods. On entering the United States, Mursel will only have six hours before his visa expires. The couple will have to get married immediately or he will have to fly back to Turkey. In a preview for the next episode, the couple is shown racing to the church as they try to beat the six-hour deadline. The episode promises to be eventful as we find out if they will finally live happily ever after. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."