Amber Portwood is so over her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon and all of his drama that she has already reportedly found his replacement. Here all the details that we know about Amber's newest man Dimitri Garcia according to ENews. First off, Dimitri Garcia is a native of Belgium and a big fan of Amber Portwood. Amber found her latest love on social media.

Amber Portwood getting serious with new boyfriend

Dimitri has allegedly moved to the United States and is rumored to staying with Amber at her home. Rumors also allege that he has been hanging around a whole lot while the reality television star has been filming the upcoming season of "Teen Mom OG." So far according to E!

Dimitri and Andrew have not met.

This is mostly because of Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon's no-contact order which stems from the ugly machete attack incident. The frightening altercation took place back in September when Amber reportedly attacked Andrew while he was holding the couple's young son James. When asked months later by a fan on social media if he would ever get back with Amber, Andrew answered : "By the grace of God and my and James' sanity, I will never be in another abusive relationship again."

Andrew Glennon vows to never get mixed up with anyone like ex-Amber Portwood again

Things between Andrew and Amber Portwood remain fairly nasty. At this time Andrew has custody of James, 1, and Amber's visitation is completely supervised.

Amber is currently serving 2.5 years on probation and undergoing parenting classes. While things between her and Glennon may not have worked out so well for either of them, it has not slowed Amber down in the romance department.

As for Amber's rumored new relationship, it has been allegedly reported that it is getting so serious between Dimitri and Amber these days that she is even claimed to have made some huge demands at MTV stating she wants Dimitri on the show.

She is so adamant about it according to THG that Amber is willing to threaten the network with her own appearances on the popular reality series if she does not get her way. So far, Amber Portwood has not confirmed the new relationship and has remained fairly quiet across the social media platforms.

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may have fallen hard for new guy she met on social media

The strange thing is for Amber Portwood if the details circulating about are true, she could be so in awe of the attention she is getting from him that she is looking past the odds of history repeating itself where her love-life is concerned. At this time she does not seem to be concerned that Dimitri just so happened to start messaging her out of nowhere on social media. Also that he also knew all about her because he is such a fan of Teen Mom.

Hopefully, this will not end up a case of bad love history repeating itself and find Amber Portwood on the losing end of yet another relationship that she may have blindly jumped into.